NOTD 154 – Featured Color Friday – Special Sneak Peek

Happy Friday guys! Today, 9 years ago my husband and I tied the knot at the Justice of Peace in Killeen, TX; The Army town that we were living in. 🙂 Five years later with Army deployments behind us, we renewed our vows in a ‘wedding ceremony’ and reception back in Jersey shared by our closest friends and family. Nine years later, we still have the most special, strongest relationship. I don’t know what I’d do without him ❤

On another exciting note, I have a sneak peak of a new and upcoming Shimmer Polish! I received four special polishes in the mail the other day from Shimmer and of course my favorite was the one not even up for sale yet, its brand spanking new!

*This polish was sent to me for unbiased review.

I have for you, ‘Astrid’. It’s a Gorgeous light purple base, not quite clear, suspended glitter polish. the glitter flecks are all shapes, there are purples, and pinks, and my favorite the color changing ones depending on the light. Unfortunately not the best for photo taking so I did my best, I hope that the pictures can do this stunning polish justice.

Picture 1017

I used two coats of ‘Catrice – Heavy Metalilac’ on my accent finger and two coats of ‘OPI – Planks A Lot’ on the rest along with two coats of ‘Astrid’ On my accent finger, I used my new stamp, ‘Winstonia – W102′  using “Essie – Nothing else metals’

Picture 1040

Here is the look:

Picture 014Picture 016Picture 034

Isn’t this color just stunning? Here are the final two pics of just the beauty itself.

Picture 1019Picture 1020

Shimmer Polishes was started on just the pure obsession of polish just like the rest of us. She however makes AMAZINGLY gorgeous glitter polishes. I for one couldn’t even dream up some of these beauties. All of the Shimmer polishes are named after family and friends that she draws inspiration from.

Shimmer Polishes is on Facebook by clicking here

Her blog by clicking here

And most importantly, where you can buy these pretties, on the Etsy website

Although Astrid is not up for sale yet, don’t fret I am getting the word that it’s very soon, so keep checking the blog and FB page for updates! 🙂

Well Ladies … and a few gents.. That is all that I have for you today, I will be back with Jasmine, Katherine, and Cindy next week 🙂 Have a good weekend!

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20 thoughts on “NOTD 154 – Featured Color Friday – Special Sneak Peek

  1. Happy anniversary!! Our anniversary is on Monday! 🙂 Did you guys do anything special? You don’t have to get into the dirty details, but hopefully you had a nice anniversary. 😉 This polish is really pretty and I’ve heard good things about their formula. That is my biggest pet peeve lately- iffy formulas especially for indie glitter. I just can’t take one more goopy based glitter polish. I feel like Amy in our neverending email thread when she said she keeps going back to certain polishes going “love me love me!!!” I want them to work so bad but dang… They’re difficult. Anyway- this looks great! Thanks for sharing! 😀


    • It seems that he four i got the other day were more watery if you will hopefully they stay that eay. And watery as in some of my other ones got more clumpy. 😦 thank you. Amd happy annoversary to you guys!! We didnt do anything on the actual day it sucks when it falls on a work day. Tomorrow sunday er are going to ser wolverine ❤ then there is this pottery place called color me mind you pick out s piece paint it and they glaze and fire it for you, we are gonna do a piece togethef ❤ and ghen either lunch or dinner ❤ how anout you guys?


      • That all sounds nice though. We don’t really ever do anything too crazy, usually just go have dinner or something. This year Daniel is on call so idk if we’ll do anything, haha. I might just go get something for dinner and bring it home. Our summer is just flying by, yesterday was the first day I looked at the calendar and went “oh shoot!! Monday is our anniversary!!” I feel like I should get him something but I just don’t know what. Hmmm…


      • haha we usually don’t make a whole day out of it either, we usually just do dinner or something. Next year depending obviously on my current hopeful situation, we wanted to go on a trip cuz it will be 10 years. but we shall see. Today is now monday as I am commenting, so Happy Anniversary! ❤


  2. Happy Anniversary! I love Astrid. Very pretty purple. And the little couple on your nails is just too sweet! Can’t wait to meet the rest of the “girls” next week 🙂


  3. Uuuugggghhhh, OMG, it’s so gorgeous! I’m kinda glad it’s not up for sale YET because I’d be buying it right now, no joke. It’ll be my first Shimmer!
    Happy Anniversary and what an adorable manicure! 🙂


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