NOTD 159 – Stormy Skies

Every time I turn around it’s Monday again!

I don’t have a clever name for you for this mani like I try to do sometimes… lol it’s just lines. I painted two coats of ‘Girly Bits – Stormy Skies’ and used stamp ‘PUEEN05’ for the stamp with the lines. lol The color I used for that stamp was ‘NY&CO – Oceanic’. These are both new polishes that I was so excited to try out and I loved them both, this was also my first Girly Bits polish. Well, here is the look.

Pictu00re 107Pi00cture 111Pict00ure 109


My next post will be about some decals that I was asked to try out last week so stay tuned for that review! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “NOTD 159 – Stormy Skies

  1. I like the base color, and it’s all blue, so how can I not like it? 😉
    It’s a stamp that could sort of lean 80s, but you’ve made it more of a graphic print…props, girlie! 😉


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