NOTD 163 – Animals Part 2

Hey guys, it’s hump day!! woot woot and I am off Friday so that makes my week over tomorrow. Although it’s for a sad reason, it’s to take care of my pupper she’s getting ACL surgery. One of us needs to be there at least the following day so I will be with her all weekend and then Friday. 😦 Will let you know more Friday for ‘FCF’

Today I have part two of my animal themed nails. This was the other hand of my mani from Monday, but I took so many pictures I decided to make it into a two-part post.

Here was my right hand two coats of ‘Zoya – Barbie’ and then same stamp ‘KD23’ the snake-skin using ‘Sally Hansen – Forbidden Fudge’ and the chocolate color as an accent nail

Picture 128

Picture 132

Picture 133

Picture 134

Alright guys, that’s all for me today. I am going to do my ‘FCF’ nails tonight so that I have time before Tempest’s surgery and while she is resting sometime Friday I will post those.

Before I leave you, head on over to Amy’s over @ The Fancy Side. If you don’t already follow her you certainly need to be more on top of that! Aside from that, she is in China for two weeks and she has lots of amazing guest posts coming up while she is gone, maybe even one from me 😀 She’s also hosting a giveaway for followers only! So head on over and follow her already! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “NOTD 163 – Animals Part 2

  1. I think I need that snakeskin stamp! I got all inspired and did some accent stamps tonight because of your beautiful stamped manis. I used a solar color change for the base (pearl indoors and orange in sun) and stamped white accent designs over top. It barely shows indoors, but tomorrow I’ll see if they show up when the base changes! I’ll post pics to my instagram (Butimnotcute) sometime tomorrow if you want to see the results. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!


  2. I’m so gaga for animal print. Amanda, I’m in LOVE! First I wanted giraffe (luckily I have a stamp plate with that on) and NOW I want a snake skin design!
    I hope Tempest is doing better. She’s been in my thoughts hey! Our one birdie is also a bit sick now so half my thoughts are with Tempest and the other half with Rocky


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