NOTD 164 – Featured Color Monday – Falling Star

As I finally have some time to breath after constant monitoring my baby this weekend, I finally bring you this.. last weeks featured color.

So Tempest’s surgery went well, we  dropped her off before work and picked her up after work; she was all shaved and doped up the poor thing. They shaved her leg from her hip down, her arm for the IV, and a spot on her back by her collar for the pain patch. The pain patch wouldn’t kick in until morning Friday, she was all doped up from the stuff from the surgery. They recommended we keep her in kitchen or somewhere not on rugs as she was so doped she might ‘wet the bed’ :/ So we get her home and she’s all dazed out 😦 We lay her on her bed that we covered in trash bags sure enough about 2 hours in she peed on it.. urgg! 😦 She kept twitching through her sleep and kept waking up she couldn’t even walk outside to go potty we had to carry her, she was just dragging her feets. We made a sort of sleepover in the living room so we could lay with her through the night and we made it.. we ended up all having a sleepover for the next coupe of days because she can’t do steps at all for a few weeks. Friday and Saturday were much better most of the anesthesia and other drugs started to wear off and she became more of herself. She’s also sort of putting pressure on that foot now. It’s just icing every four hours, lots of meds… etc. Tomorrow picks up with more exercises to strengthen that muscle and moving on to heat and follow-up appointments.


With that being said that is why I couldn’t do my nails or post for you Friday. So today I have a special Featured color Monday instead.

I have two coats of ‘Barielle – Falling Star’ along with ‘Essie – Copper Talk’ stamped overtop using that heart on plate ‘PUEEN15’

Picture 138Picture 140Picture 139


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9 thoughts on “NOTD 164 – Featured Color Monday – Falling Star

  1. Poor baby! I had a Springer Spaniel that my son called her to him, he was across the street, he was 6. And of course she went running to him and was hit by a truck. She was in a cast for months. We did the same routine carry her outside every couple of hours, but she got better. We had 5 acres in the woods, I carried her to the car, strapped her in and when we got to the cabin she literally ran the 5 acres the whole to e we were there. She went fishing with us, everything. When we got home she sat in the car whining because she wanted me to lift her out! I to,d her the jig was up. She was FIne after that and lived a good long 16 years. Of course my son Drew has never forgotten but he has forgiven himself for it after a lot of years of talking about it, crying about it but her recovery made him better too.
    Btw, your nails are gorgeous as always!


  2. Oh, man, you must be EXHAUSTED. I hope it all continues to improve from here on out.
    I’ve always been kinda jealous of this Barielle. I like the matching stamp. It is reminding me of Southwest Airlines, haha!


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