Where the heck have I been….

Well let’s see.. I think I told you guys that my husband had his tonsils out… omg was it really back in August .. well just after he had his Tonsils out my one dog Tempest ran accross the lawn and blew out her knee. The week after my husbands surgery Tempest had to go in to have her ACL and Meniscus repaired on her right leg. Since then she blew out the other knee and went back in for surgery about 3-4 weeks ago, and my husband was back in the hospital this weekend for problems hes been having with his esophagus for a long time. The good news in all of this is that HOPEFULLY this is the last of it… I mean what more can really go wrong right? PFF! So my husband has an appointment to follow up and hopefully fix his issues, and Tempest’s healing is on the up and up, slowly… but surely that is what matters… I also got a promotion at work and am moving to another department but that has been delayed now….

Needless to say all of the above is just the major things that I have been going through and there are many more little things that attributed to my decision to take some time away from the blog… butΒ for now though, I am back!

I will leave you with a quick pic of a mani I did the other day and am still wearing. not the best pic as was taken with my phone but at least you will get the idea! πŸ™‚



Until next time.. :)P

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