Stamping Saturdays – Holiday Inn

So I procrastinated today a bit… First I worked until noon then I got my sister some amazing deals on some polishes and shipped them to her… then I came home and have been watching Dexter on Netflix all night and forgot to do this post. 😮 I promise to have better pictures, more pictures and a longer post next Saturday! (more in between too of course) 🙂

I got Ulta – Holiday Inn last week and painted two coats of this, it’s a gorgeous green with beautiful shimmer to it. I then stamped this design on all but my accent nail using the OPI – Love.Music.Angel.Baby.

All of my pictures did NOT come out well this green was so hard to capture and no matter what I did and the glare since this and the stamping polish are so shiny was just insane… so sorry guys only one pic this week 😦


So we are having some troubles getting the link down or at least I am 😦  Be sure to check out the other girls Stamping Saturdays nails

Cynthia @ Of Life and Lacquer, and Siobhan @ For the Love of Make up and Nail Art, and Frosso @ Lacquer Me Silly

13 thoughts on “Stamping Saturdays – Holiday Inn

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  3. Firstly, I love this and now want to wear Sinful’s Gorgeous and do a gold stamp over it! So I’m sorted for this Saturday.
    Secondly, I’m just for the love of nail art now. Don’t do make up anymore, ftlona for short. Hehe


  4. So pretty! I like that stamp in the gold over that base. That sounds like a really basic comment – I just like how it all goes together! :p


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