NOTD – Texture polish!!!

You read the title right, I bought some texture polish! I know I know… I have said many times before how I hate texture polishes, it drives me nuts, or would drive me nuts because I refused to buy it, however… I caved and tried it. I bought OPI Alcatraz Rocks, Let Me Go, and Magazine Cover Mouse!

I decided to try Magazine Cover Mouse first for this next Valentine’s Day look, alongside two coats of Zoya’s Barbie topped with OPI’s Minnie Style.

Picture 275

Picture 276O

Picture 278

As much as I resisted the texture, this one wasn’t so bad. From what I gather from the rest of you ladies that were braver than I some are more textured than others, and for me this one was perfect, it hasn’t bothered me at all! I love it actually!


12 thoughts on “NOTD – Texture polish!!!

  1. Super cute! I was the same way about texture. I remember even saying that I was just going to get one to try it out and move on cause its just a fad. My how things change.


  2. Gotta agree with Frosso! I was like, “No!” aaannnddd…I kinda have a fair amount, haha. Still not sure they’re my absolute favorite thing, but I like how they can be worked into looks, and they could be top-coated, too, which makes them more versatile. They’re also good if you’re in a hurry, since they dry quickly and don’t need top coat, haha.
    Anyway, yay for trying them out (you will love Alcatraz Rocks…everyone does, haha) and cute mani!


    • Thanks! The only thing I dont like so far about Alcatraz Rocks though is that it ate the top coat… I tried it on my swatch sticks, so that one to me couldnt use the topper. 😦 Yes but I also love the versatility of these 🙂


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