Stamping Saturdays – Roses are Blue?

Although Valentine’s day is over, I have one more semi-Valentine’s Day look. I have been wanting this OPI shade for quite some time and finally gave in and bought it, OPI Ink Suede. Just like any matte or suede look a top coat is not suggested if you want that look, you can put a top coat on for a different, shinier, longer lasting look however.

I took OPI’s Push and Shove and stamped cascading roses using my Stamp PUEEN14.

Picture 290

Picture 287

Picture 288

I absolute loved the suede against the shiny silver the only downside was that because you can’t use a top coat for this look it like rubbed off :/ 

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16 thoughts on “Stamping Saturdays – Roses are Blue?

  1. I was wondering how Push & Shove would stamp, good to know it works…but it sucks it rubbed off. Other than that, this is a super elegant mani…just wish it lasted longer for you!


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