Really Ava….

tumblr_m4gx0k5RiT1r0mqjz tumblr_m4gwsqVkUE1r0mqjz

So this is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and it’s basically Ava the new pup… she’s getting into everything and now in to her destructive phase! This morning just as I was going to upload my new Zoya Pixie mani pics, she ATE my camera cord… Son of a…  So I am on a mission today to find a new cord. I am apparently not posting for a week. Hopefully I can find a cord in time for Stamping Saturday.. 😦


Well… Check out the Blog Sale in the meantime, I just added three brand new and unopened Zoyas

8 thoughts on “Really Ava….

  1. Not our baby Ava she wouldn’t do that . Now is the time everything goes away so she can’t get it. Poor baby her teeth are hurting Mom. Good luck


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