The Lacquer Ring – Cherry Blossoms

We are back for our first Nail art group post from the Lacquer Ring. As we said before, Nicole from Polish Me, Please was in charge of picking our color this month which was orange and our nail art group post which is Cherry Blossoms. I already texted Nicole last night cursing her because I was so frustrated and hating how my Blossoms were coming out. Damn you Nicole! lol

When I think of Cherry Blossoms I think of Pink. I did some research and found some other colors. I decided to go with the white variety.


My sister is in town for a few weeks to visit!! She was over the other night so I had her help me pick a base color for my Cherry Blossoms. She came up with two coats of Darling Diva’s Dangerous Driver. My branches I used a brush and mixed drops of Urban Decay’s Gunmetal and one of China Glazes’s Liquid Leather. For my blossoms, I dotted them on using Ulta’s Snow White. The Center I mixed Sinful Colors Happy Ending and Jessica’s Banana Peel. For the pollen, I lightly brushed the yellow again and tipped it with China Glaze Liquid Leather.




So these aren’t exactly as I’d hoped they turn out, but I ended up liking them. It was fun to see what all of the girls came up with. See theirs for yourself below!


8 thoughts on “The Lacquer Ring – Cherry Blossoms

  1. I think these look really cute! I am loving everyone’s cherry blossom manis! I like your base here and it’s cool that you used white instead of the typical pink. Very nice! 😉 I hope you’re enjoying your visit w your sister and little nephew. I bet he’s crawling all over the place… Or maybe walking?


    • thanks I did notice that too we were similar! Thanks! I got to see them a few times, he’s crawling and kind of waslking.. lol boys are lazy he gets up then just crawls or rather speed crawls instead lol


  2. Holo cherry blossoms! I think you and Amy have a similar base, but hers is a thermal.
    I am jealous that you did the centers. I wanted to do that on mine, like do little teeny lines like there were on the envelope I used for inspiration, but my patience had run out by then. A dot took care of it, instead, lol.
    Aw, yay! Glad your sister is in town for so long. Is she in love with babeh puppeh?


    • Thanks! 🙂 I was so worried that the texture I did to the center wasn’t gonna work out. It wasn’t what I’d hoped but I am okay with it.. lol Damnit Nicole! That’s okay I think I figured out what I want us all to do for my month finally. I loved everyones and I love yours!! Yes she likes Ava lol and Ava loves her and Thomas ha


  3. I love that the base color. It’s so stinking pretty! Also, I loved that you went with the white blossoms instead of the pink. Super original.


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