Stamping Saturdays – Diamond Madness

Ugg! Another very busy week and weekend. I had to go in to work today for a few hours then I went to a bbq baby shower and I just got home. I know I know, I should be more prepared like the other girls and plan my posts out, but that would just be easy! Maybe I will do that for our TLR Post for Thursday.

I have a thing for cobalts and this is absolutely no exception , It’s Topshops Mariachi Madness. I stamped Darling Diva’s Diamond using PUEEN28’s stamp.



I love using holos during the summer for the awesome glitter holo in the sunlight so I love the subtle ness with the Diamond overtop the cobalt.

Don’t forget to check out the other girls looks and come back Thursday for my pick for our other collaboration post series.

12 thoughts on “Stamping Saturdays – Diamond Madness

  1. Beautiful blue! I’m starting to have more cobalt blues, because that’s my husband’s favorite color – but I rarely wear them, haha. I just know he won’t object if I buy them, but they really are lovely..I should use them more often, and I always pair them with silver!


  2. I had to go into work for a bit this weekend, too *fart noise*. I do find that at least I always knock it out fast because there are no other interruptions.
    Planning posts out? Pppfffffffttt! Hahahaha. I so had good intentions to get TLR nails done this weekend…nope, it’s gonna be the night before again, lol. What do I expect…I’ve always been a procrastinator. 😉
    These are fantastic. I’m always a sucker for a cobalt blue and this looks like holographic lace!


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