CND – Vinylux

My local polish enabler (my girl at my CosmoProf) talked me in to trying the new Vinylux line by CND. I know them for gel polishes and so just wrote the line off when I originally saw it. She mentioned that it’s a line of regular polish however its supposed to last 7 days. Hmm.. I am intrigued, okay, I will give it a whirl.

As I mentioned I am going away for a couple of days so now is a good time to put this polish to the test!

The polish is called Vinylux Weekly polish and suggests that you also use the topcoat along with it… okay I will try both together to get the full effect (my girl also mentioned she has used it over other brands and held up just the same). The instructions are pretty easy.. two coats of the polish and one of the top coat.

So far off the bat, I am missing my Seche Vite something fierce! Usually I do my nails around 7-8P before bed after I have made dinner, cleaned up etc. So the Seche helps dry super fast so that I can do other things and/or go to bed without having to worry about smudges or sheet marks.. This is not the case for Vinylux! 😦

One coat of the Vinylux dried fairly quickly, then once I added the second it seemed to take forever to dry so I put my hands under my fan like at the salon to hopefully speed it up. I am not saying I am not an impatient person but especially when you use Seche, all other brands and polishes without it seem like they take forever! This was at least 10 minutes that it was still wet or damp that I was worried about putting on the top coat. So I finally put the top coat on and it took even longer. One hour… yes one HOUR later I still smudged one after top coat and putting my hands back under the fan. NOT a fan of the drying time right off the bat! 😦

I LOVE the color I got, reminds me a lot of OPI’s Pompeii Purple, I chose CND’s Tutti Frutti. It’s a bright pink with that slight purplish shimmer to it like Pompeii Purple. Tutti Frutti is more of a Barbie Pink, especially with my new nail shape I feel like I have barbie fingers. lol I also put other polishes to the test, well not really since it’s over CND anyway… I painted one coat of Cirque’s XX on my pinky as an accent.

So here is Day 1 of the shade, I will take pictures day 2-7 and will post a recap post when I get back next week to let you know if the ridiculous slow dry time is worth it, for those of you that want your polish to last 7 days without the gel mess and damage.

Of course this was one of those ever so hard to capture polishes!! ugg!


You can see a little more in this one the purplish kind of tone it has to it which is what reminds me of Pompeii Purple



As I write this post today is technically day 2, so I will take another picture tonight and will until I get back from Vacation. As I said when I get back I will do a recap post letting you all know how it fared.

As you can imagine, I won’t be able to do Stamping Saturday this week, but be sure to check out the other girls involved!! Also check back tomorrow for The Lacquer Ring’s Nail Art collab post.


3 thoughts on “CND – Vinylux

  1. A good Barbie pink is fun every once in a while! Sorry to hear about the dry time, but will be interested in your update about the wear!


  2. Love the Barbie Pink. I have been using the Vinylux for quite some time now. I go to the Salon every other week. My gal puts 2 coats of the vinylux and the top coat. She told me that this nail polish dries in 8 minutes by natural light. So I hold my hands under her lamp light for about 10 minutes. and when I leave the salon, my nails are dry. However, it does not last 7 days. My tips do wear after about 3 days and I have had chips. I use regular OPI top coat every 3 days when I can and can get the manicure to last for almost 2 weeks. Without regular top coating there is no way it would last 7 days. But I do like that my nails are dry when I leave the salon without having to go to the gels.


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