CND Vinylux Update

We got back from our trip to Maine late Monday (8/4), were off from work Tuesday, back to work Wednesday. I took the polish off finally on Tuesday night after being on there since the previous Monday! I forgot to take pictures every day like I had promised but I can tell you I was very pleased and I do have a day 7 picture for you!

Just so you know, I did work two days after I put this polish on, so I typed a lot, and usually that’s what wears down my polish on the tips.. that didn’t do that this time. On our trop, we went sailing, ate lots of seafood, climbed a mountain, so I used my hands a lot and still after all that the wear and tear was not too shabby in the end. In my other post, which you can read here, Ginny suggested that natural light is the way to go as far as drying. So perhaps my next vacation I will try the other CND I got and will try that drying out.

As I stated, this is not a gel polish, so it didn’t destroy my nails, had minimal wear and tear at the end of the 7 days, kept it’s shine using their top coat. All in all I was pretty impressed. See for yourself!

So like I said this is the tips after day 7 for those of you that wear the same polish for 3-4 days especially my fellow typers or office workers know this is the look after 2-3 days.

Sorry for the delay in getting you guys this update, as I said in past posts and on my FB page, I was having some WordPress and blog issues, hence the new dot com and new website! But I’m back now 🙂

6 thoughts on “CND Vinylux Update

  1. Good to know! I should invest in a couple (oh, who am I kidding?, heh heh) of these types of polishes for when I travel. For one, I never have time to do my nails ahead of time, and a mani never comes out as good when you’re not at home with your arsenal. I always think, “Maybe I should get a gel mani,” but I don’t want to spend the money when I know I’ll be dying to take it off when I get back. Here is a middle ground!


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