Fleur est Belle

Amy, Frosso, and I did some more polish destruction, as usual!


We went to International Playground and bought lots of goodies from Cirque. My favorite one I picked up was Fleur est Belle.  It’s a Jelly pink with gorgeous whites, golds, & pinks glitter flecks. I painted one coat over two thin coats of OPI’s I think in Pink. I then stamped some stars using Essie’s Good as Gold.




This is such a girly manicure I can’t even take it. I love it so much! What’s your favorite girlie polish?


2 thoughts on “Fleur est Belle

  1. I’m with V…also loving the stars!
    I’m not at home with my stash so I’d have a hard time picking a favorite girly polish off the bat, as I am usually prefer brights or vamps! I’m thinking of Revlon Girly and Orly Cashmere Cardigan, which I used both of in my gender reveal nails for Nicole, heh heh!


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