The Lacquer Ring – (WD) Negative Space Mani

It’s that time again and as you know it was Nicole’s pick this month. For our TLR collab for nail art she chose negative space nails.

For my fellow Walking Dead-ers this week is the season finale so I really wanted to use Dollish Polish’s Walker bait polish. I paired it with Ulta’s Concrete Evidence and some blood using China Glaze’s Adventure Red-y. If you watch the Walking Dead you will notice the two W’s I have on my nails you all know what that’s for … well we don’t know yet, but it’s a part of the current story line. For those of you that don’t it could just be for Walking dead 😉 lol

IMG_7416I absolutely love Walker Bait and I am so mad it was part of my un-trieds. I picked up this beauty from Dollish herself last year when we did the NYC Blogger Meet up which was really fun 🙂


IMG_7415Well there you have it, There are my (Walking Dead) Negative Space nails

Any other Walkind Dead-ers out there? 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The Lacquer Ring – (WD) Negative Space Mani

  1. I love these. I’m not a WD fan, but J is so I hear about it all the time. I love the color pairings you chose. I need to use Walker Bait, I haven’t tried mine either.


  2. These look really cool! From the little I’ve seen of the show these look spot on w the dark colors and blood. Unpopular opinion alert: I’m not a fan of the show. I can’t stand the sniveling zombies and I don’t enjoy that the show is 90% cutting heads off. When I’ve seen parts of it lately it seems like it’s gotten away from that some, and I actually find myself interested in the storyline but “I just can’t even” w the zombies. Good job on the nails!! Oh and- that Dollish Polish is beautiful.


  3. I haven’t watched TWD this second part of the season because I want to wait until the whole thing is on Netflix and I can binge watch it multiple times. The first episode of this season is one of my all-time favorites. I still cry when Daryl first sees Carol.


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