The Lacquer Ring – Cream


Whoa, three posts to the blog now…  I told you I was going to try to post more often!   Today’s prompt for #TLR is Cream. I only have a handful of neutral colors so this was hard for me.  I asked the girls if I could get away with Cream finish’s and they said no! whomp whomp! lol  In any event with the help from the group they helped me choose Nubar’s Spirit Walker.  It’s funny because when I first started blogging and I was following Cynthia, She posted this color and I fell in love with it!

I present to you Nubar’s Spirit Walker with some gradient tips using Sally Hansen’s Forbidden Fudge! I didn’t like my nails just plain neutral so I had to add a little something without taking from how gorgeous this neutral is on its own.  Spirit Walker has a tint of like a pink shimmer so I thought it would pair nicely with the shimmer from Forbidden Fudge.  Although I didn’t want to do the neutral on it’s own I can’t say that I love the way the mani ended up either :/  It doesn’t help that I am still sour that I had a break and they are nubs again 😦

IMG_7638With that being said, since I didn’t love it, you only get one picture lol.  Isn’t Spirit Walker such a gorgeous neutral though! Can you see the hints of pink shimmer?

Don’t forget to check out the other TLR girls, let’s see what they came up with!  Also with the upcoming Holiday, be sure to check back NEXT week (not two weeks from now like normal) for the other November TLR Prompt

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I will also be adding lots more polishes to my blog sale up on Storenvy! Check that out!

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