31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 31 – Favorite challenge

I am packing for a weekend down the shore, so I will make this quickĀ šŸ™‚ plus this post was already technically done before in detail.

So I asked my viewers what look they wanted recreated for this day and the vote was the nails inspired by fashion. Well, here it is. I did a little twist from my original post, not too much difference.Ā Rather than doing straight diagonalĀ lines, I used my manicure tape pieces and did a half diagonal curved line and on my thumbs a regular curbed manicure tip. Polishes used were “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black” and “Julep – Emma” Enjoy!

P.S. … YAY my nails are getting long again =)

On a side note.. since this was such a short post. I also did my toesiesĀ with my new gems. I painted with “Essie Vermillionaire” and a flowerĀ stamp with “L’Oreal Violet Vixen” and deep pink gems in the center of the flowers. This was done on my big toe the rest were just plain orange.

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Day 30 Inspired by a Tutorial – 31Challenge

Good Morning Lovelies šŸ˜€ As for all the days of theĀ challenges, I research to find the funnestĀ designs to use for each days of the challenge. As soon as I am done the first day’s maniĀ I am already thinking for the next couple of days what can I do fun for the next days challenge; this day was no different. I searched on google “Nails Inspired by a Tutorial” and came across a Splatter Mani Tutorial. How Fun! I Haven’t done that yet!! I found this on The PolishAholic’sĀ Blog.

For this challenge, I used “Julep – Kelly”Ā  for a base, “Orly – Lucky Duck” and “Essie – Vermillionaire” for the splatters. I followed The PolishAholic’s Tutorial that was super easy to follow, Fabulous! and can be found here.

I painted by base coat, which unfortunately requires two coats, I have found that the JulepsĀ don’t dry as quickly, which is why I say unfortunately. I then took my green and orange and made about two drops of each onto a paper plate. Per the tutorial I used my straw and blew into the opposite end to make the splatters.

I absolutely love this maniĀ and how cute it came out. It was to great to have come across such an easy tutorial to follow šŸ˜€

Here are my pics below:

So on a side note / rant… I was kind of upset at how some came out, I loved my thumbs the best how there were little tiny splatters. I liked the little splattersĀ the best; but then I thought about it,Ā and if you splattered paint on the ground the “real” way with a paint brush, you are going to get those big splatters too. I came to love the rest of the nails šŸ˜€ Hope you enjoy them too!

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Day 29 Supernatural – 31Challenge

The Challenge is almost over! šŸ˜¦Ā I have to wonder, will I lose inspiration after this, not having defined for me what to do each day… I sure hope not šŸ˜›

I did someĀ searching around,Ā to see what others did for their Supernatural Day. I saw some Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts.. and I that got me thinking…Ā I didn’t want to do just any old ghost. So I did Zero and OogieĀ Boogie from one of my favorite movies, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Now in some argumentsĀ OogieĀ could be a stretch, but I think he’s kind of a ghost in a sense, he’s somewhat Supernatural so he fits, if not, I am bending the rules šŸ˜€

For OogiesĀ coloring, I went for more of the Glow in the Dark OogieĀ Green, for when he glows in the dark in the movie, and I used a mixture of “MilaniĀ NEON – Fresh Teal”, “Julep – Sophia”, “MilaniĀ – White” and “Orly – Lucky Duck” and then “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”

for Zero I used “MilaniĀ – White”, “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”, “E.l.f. – Medium Red” for his collar, and “Essie – Vermillionaire” for his Pumpkin nose.

The base color for all of the nails is “OPI – Planks A Lot”

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Day 28 Flag (Memorial Day Edition) – 31Challenge

I thought it was funny how theĀ Rainbow Day fell near St. Patty’s Day and now Flag Inspiration Day is falling near Memorial Day.

I finally used my stamps for the stars, and it’s still a bit of aĀ trial and error, but IĀ think they came out alright, for my first time. I will get better at it. For the stripes I painted my nails white and then doubled the Nail Art Tape to make a little thicker line and painted the red.

Polishes I used were “Nail-aid Peeling Nail Base Coat”, “Essie – Aruba Blue” “MilaniĀ – White” and “Julep – Glenn” The Red bled a little bit because even though I used the same techniqueĀ as the Pattern day, the Julep formula is a little more liquidy.

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Day 27 Artwork – 31Challenge

My favorite painting is Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh. My husband found a company online, that re-creates original paintings, and he got me this painting for my Birthday a few years ago. It came rolled up on the canvas and we went to get it framed to match the bedroom, this hangs above my vanity šŸ˜€

So naturally, I just had to use this as my Artwork Inspiration:

So again, keep in mind I am no artist, again referring back to DrawSomething… My right hand was a dud, so I am not even bothering with pictures of that, however I did not think that my left hand came out too bad, see what you think šŸ˜€ I only did accent fingers for this look.

The polishes that I chose were, “Essie – Aruba Blue”, “nail-aid peeling nail base coat”, “Essie – Vermillionaire”, “UltaĀ – Cream of the Crop”, “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”, “MilaniĀ – White”, and “Seche Vite’Ā Top Coat”

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31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 26 – Pattern

I was soĀ excited to try out my new stamps, I bought the pack of 25 Nail Stamping MASH plates on Amazon a few weeks ago and the last few challenges just did not call for them. I busted them out last night and I could not get them to work. It could be that I bought a cheap Stamper with a plastic scraper, in any event, I used it a few days again and same, no such luck.Ā I purchased the “real” Konad Stamper and it arrived today, of course it did, just after I spent so much manual time on this look. Anyway, Cannot wait to try them and I just hope that the issue was the stamper, and not the plates.

I have enjoyed participating in the 31 Day Nail Challenge, I am sad to say it’s all coming to an end shortly, I am already on day 26,Ā  Inspired by a pattern; because I had so much difficulty, you will see below the hard work I had to put into this look, I suppose I could have “cheated” and used my Sally Hanson Strips but I also just got in my Nail Tapes in that I wanted to try as well šŸ˜€

I used two Coats of “Elevation PolishĀ – Avalanche” after my “nail-aid Peeling Nail base coat”, once the tape was on in the desired spot, I painted two coats of “Sonia Kashuk-Ā 30 Dream of Genie”. As soon as I painted the first coat, not a minute later I painted the second, and then slowly took the tape off one by one. I then topped it off withĀ “Seche Vite’ ” for quick dry, and off to the next nail šŸ˜€

Prior to clean up:

After Clean up:

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Day 25 Inspired by Fashion – 31Challenge

I will start with an update on my nails, they are growing slowly but surely šŸ™‚ not complete stubs anymore, on another note, I cracked my big toe nail right up the side so the one of those is all short now… ::sigh::

For the Fashion Inspiration, I chose Stella McCartney. I love how she uses a lot of black sheer with black polka dots in her “little black dress” looks. I found a couple of her looks to show you my inspiration, that can be seen by clicking here.

Here is my look :

For this look, I painted the “Julep – Emma” in the morning before work so that it had plenty of time to dry as I planned on using the taping technique. Then last night, I did one nail at a time and topped it off with “Seche Vite’ ”Ā so it dried right away and I could move on without having to worry about smudging it. I put a piece of tape, (actually I use address labels and cut them, same thing), on my nail. I did my pinky and Ring Finger points facing each other and myĀ pointer and middle, facing each other. Once I was done with the tape and black, I used my dotting tools to make different size dots and topped it off with the top coat.Ā All of the nails used the same technique. For my thumb,Ā the only difference was,Ā since I did two angles, I put a little “Seche Vite’ ” over the first diagonal and came back to it, so that I could put tape on it without having to worry about it ripping the black off, and did the other angle, and dots same way.

The Colors I used were, the “nail-aid – Peeling Nail Base Coat”, “Julep – Emma”, and “Blackest Black by Sinful Colors” The top Coat I used was “Seche Vite'”

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