How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

I haven’t highlighted an article in a while… I came across this one on Yahoo’s Shine that I thought might be helpful to some:


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Wondering how to accentuate your eyes in a natural-looking way? Lancôme’s Sandy Linter, head makeup artist at New York’s Rita Hazan Salon, shows how a neutral smoky eye can work wonders.

Start with an eye shadow base – something that’s tacky so that it holds the shadow” says Linter, who used Lancôme Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolour Base in Nude. “If your eyelid is dry you can use a concealer, but if your lid is warm you really do need a base that will pick up moisture and keep your makeup looking smooth”

Choose a Dark Pencil

“When you want to enhance your eyes, you should use a dark liner-navy, charcoal, brown, or black to contrast against the whites of your eye and eye color,” says Linter. “You should also use pencil because it’s easily manipulated.” Linter applied it along the upper lash line in “little dashes,” working from the inner corner of the eye to the outside edge. “The shape should get gradually thicker as you move away from the edge of the nose,” she says.

Perfect Your Eyeliner

After dotting lids with liner, Linter connected the dashes: “A tiny eyeliner brush softens and perfects the line.” She then used a pointed cotton tip to push the line “up and out” at the corners.

Layer Makeup For Longer Wear

For the crease color, Linter lined eye sockets with taupe pencil, a lighter shade than the one used along the lashes. Starting under the brow bone, she extended the line to the outer corners to create a “V” shape. “It’s an old trick that opens up the eyes,” she says. Next, she retraced her steps with gel liner and powder shadow in similar taupe hues using a dome-shaped brush (“layering your makeup makes it last all day and through the night”). To add drama, she winged color up and over the brow bone, toward the end of the eyebrow.

“A neutral smokey eye is all about playing with dark and light,” says Linter, who used the shimmering ivory-pink shade from Lancôme’s Color Design palette in Coral Crush on lids. “Having darker tones surround a lighter one gives shape and definition, the light on the eye makes it pop.”

Wear Liner Under Lower Lashes

“A lot of people don’t like using pencil under the eye, but I like it because I think it makes the eye look more finished,” says Linter, who swept Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl in Black Coffee, the same liner she used on top-underneath the lashes, softening the line with a cotton swab. Because the inner corners of eyes “tend to get wet,” Linter only placed liner along the outermost portion of the waterline.

Don’t Forget to Curl

“Curled eyelashes make everyone’s eyes look bigger,” says Linter. “Make sure to fully cup the lashes in the curler-pinch close to the roots so that you’re not just bending hairs at the ends.”

Apply Mascara

“Mascara also brings out your eyes. Instead of using the whole wand, I just use the tip, separating lashes as I go,” says Linter “This way, I don’t apply too much mascara at once and lashes don’t get stuck together.”

Mind the (Eyeliner) Gap

When faking a thicket lash line, don’t dispel the illusion. “I can’t stand seeing a space of skin separating the eyeliner from the eyelash,” says Linter. To fill in gaps, she used a small, stiff brush to apply gel eyeliner in hard-to-reach places.

Use Light Concealer

Brighten the eye area by using a sheet, translucent concealer or highlighter around the eye. One to try Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch.

Whiten the Inner Corners

To have a truly eye-opening experience, employ white eyeliner too: “Adding white to the inner corner of the eye makes you look less tired,” says Linter.

Provide Arch Support

“I like when brows bring attention to the eye area in a soft way that’s not too manicured and cosmetic-looking,” says Linter, who adds that, “Natural brows are more innocent. Over-tweezed arches make you appear older.” To have your brows reach “their full potential” Linter suggests brushing them up with a clear brow mascara.

Finish Your Look

Complement your smoldering smokey eyes with a touch of bronzer under the cheekbones for definition, and creamy pink blush on the apples of the cheeks “to make your eyes look lighter,” says Linter. Add rosy lipstick and gloss to your pout and you’re ready to go!

What do you think about this look and tips? Were there any useful tips that you got from this, or any that you know that are not in this article, you can share below?

How long to keep your Beauty Products…

So I continue to come across these articles, that repeatedly say to throw out your beauty products, after a month, 6 months, a year, depending on the product and I find (some of) it INsanity!

Some of this stuff is a given… and I can totally see, but others, I just don’t agree… I cannot see spending 50 dollars on an eyeshadow palette to add to my collection, only to throw it away in 3-6 months, NUTS! and nail polish! some of my nail polishes are 10 years or better old as my mom went to nail school and we had a huge collection, guess what they still work just fine. Let me know what you think about the article below…

Many people do not realize that makeup and other beauty products have an expiration on them. Also, there are tons of women out there right now that are wearing expired makeup. Here are some basics on how long you should keep your makeup and beauty products.Foundation and Concealer
Foundation and concealer can be kept for approximately 6 months. Use sponges or brushed when you apply the product so that you do not contaminate the product with your fingers.Lipstick
Lipstick can be kept anywhere from 2-3 years. If your lipstick beads, it does not mean that is has gone bad but rather that the oils are escaping from the lipstick.Eye Pencils
Eye pencils can be kept for 3-6 months. If you develop any type of eye infection, throw away your eye pencil and purchase a new one.Lip Pencil
Lip pencils can be kept for 6-12 months. Sharpen the tip of the pencil before each use to clean away the tip.Mascara
Mascara can be kept for 3-6 months. To prevent contamination, don’t lay the mascara wand down on a counter or table.Powders
Face and blush powders can be kept for up to 6-12 months. Eye shadow powders can only be kept for 3-6 months. Wash any applicators monthly and dry them before storing away.

Brushes and Sponges
Depending on what kind of brush or sponge that you use, they can be kept for 3-6 months or longer. The more expensive brushes that are re-usable can be cleaned and kept for a lot longer if properly taken care of. To clean a brush use a mild dishwashing liquid with a little bit of water. Do not submerse the entire brush in the water. You do not want the metal part of the brush to come in contact with the water. If taken care of properly, brushes can last up to several years.

Lip Balm
Lip balm can be kept for approximately 1-2 years.

Nail polish
Nail polish can be kept for around a year. Do not add nail polish remover to thin out the nail polish.

Fragrances can be kept for up to 3 years. If possible, keep your perfumes and other fragrances in the refrigerator so they keep longer.

Eye Cream
Eye cream can be kept for 6-12 months. Look for eye cream in tubes rather than jars.

Moisturizers can be kept for 6-12 months.

Cleansers can be kept for 6-12 months. Again, try to buy cleansers in a tube or in pump bottles rather than jars to avoid contamination from your fingers.

Sunscreen can be kept for around 2 years. If it does not spread well or it appears to have separated, throw it away. When you are out with sunscreen, keep the bottle out of direct sunlight to make it last longer.

Article courtesy of Tiffany Bell at Yahoo-granted this is an older article, I still see tons of them saying the same stuff.

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Winter Hair Care Tips Article



Winter is, historically, a terrible season for hair. Dry scalp, flyaway locks, frizz – there’s no end to winter hair complaints. So how can you have healthy, luxurious locks without spending a fortune at the salon? Lucie Barry, senior stylist at VAIN hair salon in Seattle, Wash., took a few minutes out of her holiday schedule to share her top 10 inexpensive tips for glossy, manageable hair.

1. Mister Clean
Don’t wash your hair so much. One of the biggest mistakes Barry sees people make is drying out their scalps with too much harsh shampoo.

2. Clear your head
Use a clarifying shampoo once a week. You know all that stuff you put in your hair every day to make it behave? Even if you wash your hair regularly, it leaves behind residue that can make hair dull and heavy.

3. Some like it hot
Baby your hair with a heat-activated deep-conditioning treatment. “Heat-activated conditioners are great to use after you wash with a clarifying shampoo,

4. End game
Speaking of conditioner, you know conditioner belongs on your hair and not on your scalp, right?

5. Chill out
Although you may hate the thought of cold water running through your hair on a cold winter’s day, finishing a shampoo with a cold water rinse is one of the quickest, easiest ways to add shine.

6. Too much of a good thing
While it’s true that heat can damage your hair, there are lots of ways to use blow dryers and flat irons without frying your locks. The most common mistake people make with heat styling, says Barry, is using tools that don’t have adjustable settings.

7. A time for every season
While it may seem silly to have different shampoos and conditioners for summer and winter, Barry says that’s not so. “The skin on your face gets drier in the winter, right? So you switch to a heavier moisturizer. Your scalp isn’t any different.

8. All that and a bag of chips
If you’ve ever been to a hair salon you know how many styling products hairdressers handle every day. But when asked for a product recommendation, Barry didn’t hesitate or waver. “Moroccan Oil. It’s amazing. It’s moisturizing without being greasy, so you can massage it into your scalp and put it into your hair without weighing your hair down or making it look dirty.

9. Take your vitamins
You know the old truism in computer programming, “garbage in, garbage out?” The same goes for your body. The first signs of a terrible diet are dull, dry skin and hair.

10. The brush-off
So what’s the single best thing you can do to have healthier, shinier, thicker hair? Brush it. According to Barry, an inexpensive paddle-brush, used properly, will do more for your hair than all the fancy salon treatments in the world.

So although some of us may have known some of these tips, or we may not have, it’s always good to get a reminder, or to learn it for the first time all together 🙂 Please click to see the article as each section had much more detail on each section. I thought this was a good article 🙂 Enjoy!

Article Courtesy of Amy Leigh Morgan @ MSN Living Read the full article here:


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Beauty Tips Article

Hello 🙂

I found an interesting Article to share with my fellow beauty lovers this morning. This article was courtesy of Petra Guglielmetti, Real Simple on The link is below in the post.

Here are the tips that were given for nails since, so far, most of what my blog is about is nails. See the bottom of the post for the link to view the full article. There were hair tips, eyebrow tips, and more 🙂

Protecting Painted Nails

A long-lasting manicure or pedicure starts at the salon: Choose a light shade of polish, which won’t readily show chips. Ask the technician to push your cuticles back instead of cutting them, says Jin Soon Choi, a salon owner in New York City, as cut cuticles become ragged-looking faster.

• Each day after your appointment, apply a cuticle minimizer to slough off dead cells and preserve smoothness and paint on a clear topcoat to maintain the polish’s shine.

• Touch up any chips with a nail polish pen in a neutral color (with light shades, you don’t have to worry about matching exactly).

• Moisturize hands frequently, and when feet begin to get dry, exfoliate in the shower with a gentle foot file; follow with a rich cream. Avoid using gritty scrubs, since they can dull polish.

Maintenance Tools

1. Foot-smoothing file.
Diamancel the Conqueror, $38,

2. High-shine topcoat.
Orly Won’t Chip, $10,

3. Touch-up polish pen.
Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Color Pen, $8, for stores.

4. Cuticle minimizer.
Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator, starting at $18 on Yahoo! Shopping.

*And now a tip of my own about the first part of this Article, I purchased the Sally Hanson Cuticle Cream and the cuticle pusher took from Target and do this on my own. definitely recommend that product. If you are a do it yourself nail person 🙂

Read the full article at:

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