The Lacquer Ring – Red

I am not sure who picked this month, however with the color and the next theme in two weeks I am thinking it was me, you’ll see why. Either way this month (as always) we have great colors and themes in store. Check out how #TLR does red!

My husband was so sweet and bought me the Ciate advent calendar for Christmas this year. I had so much fun opening it up each day, he gave it to me early so that I had a present each day of the month! For this look I am using one of the Ciate’s I got called hutch, I love how hookery this red is. lol I also used Pretty Serious’s Viscous Vampire.

Don and I have been watching Supernatural on Netflix lately… with the name of the Pretty Serious color I chose, I call this mani ‘My Bloody Valentine’ after the name of the episode we just watched 😉


I painted two thin coats of Hutch and then painted Viscous Vampire as a gradient on the tips


This second pic is more accurate of how it looks in person, sometimes the lighting is just so hard to get with some of these polishes! I do like however in the first pic how you get the different shades of the glitters. Pretty Serious website description states there are both red and fuscia in there 😉

Well there you have my red mani just in time for Valentine’s Day! Check out the rest of the TLR girls for their manis!

Stamping Saturdays – Roses are Blue?

Although Valentine’s day is over, I have one more semi-Valentine’s Day look. I have been wanting this OPI shade for quite some time and finally gave in and bought it, OPI Ink Suede. Just like any matte or suede look a top coat is not suggested if you want that look, you can put a top coat on for a different, shinier, longer lasting look however.

I took OPI’s Push and Shove and stamped cascading roses using my Stamp PUEEN14.

Picture 290

Picture 287

Picture 288

I absolute loved the suede against the shiny silver the only downside was that because you can’t use a top coat for this look it like rubbed off :/ 

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ blogs for their Stamping Saturday look this week! 😀

NOTD – Texture polish!!!

You read the title right, I bought some texture polish! I know I know… I have said many times before how I hate texture polishes, it drives me nuts, or would drive me nuts because I refused to buy it, however… I caved and tried it. I bought OPI Alcatraz Rocks, Let Me Go, and Magazine Cover Mouse!

I decided to try Magazine Cover Mouse first for this next Valentine’s Day look, alongside two coats of Zoya’s Barbie topped with OPI’s Minnie Style.

Picture 275

Picture 276O

Picture 278

As much as I resisted the texture, this one wasn’t so bad. From what I gather from the rest of you ladies that were braver than I some are more textured than others, and for me this one was perfect, it hasn’t bothered me at all! I love it actually!


NOTD – Holo love

Those of you that follow me on Instagram, or Facebook already had a sneak peek of these nails 🙂 These are my I LOVE Holo nails!

This is two coats of Darling Diva’s Stand Back. This polish is a deep purple with amazing holo to it, this was part of the collection inspired by the Amazing Stevie Knicks. This color is perfect for me because not only do I love purple, I love Holos, and even more so, I love Stevie Knicks! I also stamped this hearts stamp on my accent nail using Essie’s Nothing Else Metals.

Picture 259

Picture 260

Picture 267


So what are our plans this Valentine’s day and what are you wearing on your nails?

Stamping Saturdays – A little love

Another Stamping Saturday brought to you today, this time almost all the girls in our group were able to participate (links below)!! Valentine’s Day for me is special I have someone special to share it with. My husband and I have been together for 10 years this year so it’s an extra special Valentine’s day. 🙂 I am starting off some Valentine’s Day nails today with a glitter gradient, stamped heart look, check it out 🙂

This is two coats of Nubar’s Spirit Walker and Ulta’s Tink-her-bell as the gradient  glitter, the stamp is Essie’s The Lace is on.

Picture 252

Picture 248

Picture 254

So there you have it, my glitter gradient, lovey mani. lol 🙂

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NOTD 110 – Featured Color Friday – Suri

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I will do a few Valentine’s themed nails. Today I started out by featuring Suri and turned it into the theme.

I got “Zoya – Suri” a few weeks ago during the ‘Zoya 3 promo’. I painted two thin coats of “OPI – Nail Envy” as my base, (which I am loving so far by the way!!), then two thin coats of “Zoya – Suri”. Once try, on both my ring and pointer fingers on both hands, I stamped using “Essie – No place like Chrome” and my “Cheeky Stamp -CH53” to stamp the beating hearts.


This purple is gorgeous, you can see especially in this picture the multiple facets to it, some blue and some pink very, very fine shimmer to make the purple pop even more.



What do you think of my Valentine’s mani?


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