Hey Guys!

So I just hit  and much quicker than I expected. I just did my 250 Follower giveaway at the end of May!! In light of all of the new followers I wanted to reach out to you guys and ask that you please fill out a few surveys so that I can get a general consensus of how you are enjoying the blog, what you like seeing, what you’d like to see, etc. 🙂 If there are any other comments or feedback that you would like to add, anything that you want to see more or less of please do so in the comments.

*I know that not all of you have the time to “like” the posts or post comments so this is just my way of making sure you are still enjoying the blog  😀  Don’t forget Survey is Anonymous so please don’t be shy!

Thank you to all of my lovely followers! And Thank you for all of your Support!

Oh and P.S. Giveaway for sure on the way for 500, stay tuned 🙂