EOTD 31 – Cosmic Browns

I realised that it has been quite some time since I have done a ‘Eye of the Day’ so today I have some fabulous browns for you along with a step by step tutorial ūüôā



  • Step 1: (After primer – I use Urban Decay primer potion) Using an angle brush dipped in “Urban Decay’s – Snake Bite” I drew along the crease starting from the outside in and stopped about a quarter of the way from the inside crease.
  • Step 2: Using same brush blend as much as you can into the same area. Apply another coat and continue blending until desired darkness is achieved.
  • Step 3: Using an all over shadow brush and “Urban Decays – Bootycall” I then blended above the crease where my brown is, along the lash line under the brown, and on the inner corner and crease where the brown stopped.
  • Step 4: * If desired* Once you blend the tan and brown together you can go back and add a little bit of the “Snake Bite” in the outer corner to darken up that corner again.
  • Step 5: Apply a thin line of liner, I used “Avon Glimmersticks in Cosmic Brown”
  • Step 6: Topped off with mascara, I used “Urban Decay – Super Curl Curling Mascara”




Stay tuned for this weeks Featured Color Friday, which will be Valentine’s Day themed ‚̧


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EOTD 8 – e.l.f. purple “Avon” look

I got the inspiration for this look in the Avon Book. I think it was the Campaign just before the most recent one. There was a girl in there with deep purples and a Navy to Royal Blue Eye Liner. Something about the purples and the blue eye liner really popped to me, she also had green eyes, like myself. A Friend pointed out a few looks and this one was just one I had to try!

I didn’t use as deep of purples as she did, but I still like the way it came out. I used the Bright Eye Edition Palette from e.l.f.¬† and they do not have names to their eye shadows. I used the white from another e.l.f. eye palette, and the lighter and darker purple from this palette. The purples blended together so much as there is apparently not as much of a contrast as I thought, so it’s hard to tell that I used two purples ūüėÄ .

I used:

“UD Primer Potion”

“e.l.f. white” on the brow bone and inner corner lid

“e.l.f. light purple from Bright Eye Edition Palette” on the brow bone and inner to middle lid

“e.l.f. darker purple from Bright Eye Edition Palette” on the middle to outer lid.

Topped off with “Avon Glimmer Sticks in Twilight Sparkle”


“Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

This last one I took I was in weird¬†lighting, and then the flash… I think it came out so cool, doesn’t show the look really, just thought the coloring and the way my eye came out was awesome so I wanted to share this last one as well ūüėÄ

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EOTD 3- Almay Intense i-color ‚Äď smokey eye (2)

I wrote a review on the new Almay Intense-I looks and this is the other one that I mentioned in my other post.

This look I used “UD¬†Primer Potion”,¬†¬†the green eyes “Almay¬†eye-palette”, “Avon Glimmersticks¬†in Emerald Glow” and My Avon Super Shock MAX Mascara”

This is my final look, I wanted to show off my new necklace too ūüôā I got this from my Friend Gina’s “Lia Sophia” jewelry party it’s called “Laguna”.

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EOTD 2- Almay Intense i-color – smokey eye

I¬†picked up¬†two new Almay¬†Intense i-color Smokey Eye palette’s¬†yesterday from my local CVS. I believe this¬†brand had a similar look a few years ago, that they must have¬†re-done. Now the “new” product, they have available a Smokey eye, a satin, and, a shimmer palette, for all eye colors.

I picked up the Brown eye and green eye. I have green eyes, however I felt the colors in the Brown eyes palette might also make my eyes pop as it had a really nice brown bronzy color and a nice purple. let me know what you think

I used my “UD¬†Primer Potion”, the Brown eyes today with my “Avon Glimmersticks¬†in Flashy Copper” as well as my “Avon Super Shock Mascara”

I really¬†enjoyed the colors in the palette¬†I thought they were very shimmery and pretty colors, however when I used my brush I did not feel as though that color conveyed the same on my lid. The pop and the glitter wasn’t there as I had hoped.

Let me know what you think of this finished look, and this product if you have tried it!

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