EOTD 22 – Blues

I hardly ever use blues, I used a light blue, “Coastal Scents Polar Blue” and blended in a little “Coastal Scents Capri Blue” used my silver eye liner to make a cat or winged look. What do you think? I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I guess I just don’t feel like it enhances my eyes in any way like my trusty purples 😀

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

“Coastal Scents in Capri Blue and Polar Blue”

“Avon Metallic eye liner in Shimmering Silver”

“Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”


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Avon Liner swatches

I just picked up a few liquid liners from Avon. These are great because the price is excellent ($3.99 – 7.00) and they are super lasting, especially the one!

This is “Avon’s Extra Lasting Eye liner in Cobalt” $4.99

First Impressions of this one, are: I love the color its a fabulous deep Cobalt, royal blue. it dried on my hand super fast while testing. I have not worn it yet so I don’t know the lastability of it yet. It washed off fairly easy with some alcohol wipes I had in my desk.

This next one is: “Avon’s Metallic liquid eye liner in Shimmering Silver” $7.00

First Impressions: I also very much love this color. I don’t have many other similar colors to this. It also dried very quickly and came off with alcohol wipes fairly easy, have not worn to test for wearability.

Next up: “Avon’s Metallic liquid eye liner in plum craze” $7.00 Did you really think that I would buy make up / liners withOUT buying a purple 😀

First Impressions: Basically the same as the Shimmering Silver… the color comes out a little deeper than I expected, will have to see how it pops over purple shadows. 😀

Last up is: “Avon’s Super Extend liquid liner in teal” $3.99

First Impressions: This one is HEAVY duty! This took oil and alcohol wipes for it to come off after scrubbing! I do not have make-up remover at work, after this I might start carrying it!! This stuff is not going anywhere! It dried super fast  and would not budge. the color appears at first glance a teal however during application it appeared to be a little more blue than teal against my eye color.


Overall: I have yet to buy an Avon eye liner I did not love, and I am more than sure these will be no exception. Stay tuned I will be trying these in upcoming looks 😀

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