NOTD 114 – Blue Tuesday

With the President’s Day holiday yesterday and my work being closed, I keep feeling like today is Monday still.. Thankfully it’s not, that just means I am that much closer to Friday already! Woohoo!

Today I have a simple mani, almost too simple, the contrast I don’t feel is enough for pictures. If you know these colors and have ever put them together its enough contrast in person, however in pictures it keeps blending, so we will see what you think.

Overtop two coats of OPI’s Nail Envy, I painted two coats of “China Glaze – Dorothy Who”, I then with my dotting tools did two coats of “Essie – Aruba Blue” as a frame around all nails.

IMG_2332This one is in normal lighting, no lightbox

IMG_2334normal light, no lightbox, just a upclose picture of the glitter and dots.

IMG_2330This is under a light. normal lighting

IMG_2333Under normal lighting

IMG_2336Sunlight. The blues are much more vibrant in this pic and farther from the actual color pigmentation, but you can really see the difference in the detail in this pic.

Well guys, that is all that I have for you today. Very quick post..

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NOTD 64 – Absolutely Fabulous

Ugh! “OPI DS – Mystery” I curse you!! I painted my nails on Saturday afternoon, by Sunday night I had chipped tips even with wrapping.. I did chip damage control on Monday morning and again by lunch time, a big chip had dampened my mani on my thumb! grr! Last night I stripped it off and took out some trusty oldies but certainly goodies 🙂

After seeing Frosso’s nails yesterday at Lacquer Me Silly (yes I was very behind on my Bloglovin’ as she posted this on the 10th haha) I decided to bust out some olf favorites. I painted “OPI – Absolutely Alice” from the Alice in Wonderland Collection on my accent finger and “OPI – Dating a Royal” on the remainder 😀 I love both of these blues! Alice of course is my favorite because its glitter, and it’s Alice! and Dating a Royal is just such a classic blue, I love them! Unfortunately as Frosso had mentioned and I agree, there are some chipping issues with “Absolutely Alice” hence why I decided not to frustrate myself further after the last mani, knowing this one chips, by only doing accent nails 😀

You will also notice how short my nails are again 😦 I cut them very short as I have been having chipping and peeling issues again, ugh! I started using my CND Stickey base coat again the last few manis and not my peeling base. I didn’t realise how much it was working until I stopped using it, back to the peeling base coat.

I apologize in advance for my pictures today, they are not as clear or large as normal. I forgot the battery to my camera, in the charger, in the wall at home…. lol a lot of good it does me there, it was dead yesterday and I forgot to bring it back in. I used a friend’s phone today to take the pictures for you.


PS did anyone notice the changes in the layout? colors and new header, if you did, what do you think? 😀

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