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NOTD 117 – Featured Color Friday – Whirled Away

Happy Friday! woohoo! It’s Friday, It’s Pay Day, I have a half day today, it’s a good day! 🙂

Well guys, no baby yet, so I stuck to my normally scheduled Featured Color Friday.

A while back my mom had bought “China Glaze – Whirled Away” and I forget why but she decided to give it to me rather than keep for herself, and really who am I to argue? lol

I used it for this mani and all I can say is I am glad she gave it to me, she would have been very frustrated. I am used to it with these types of ‘glitters’ , “Whirled Away” is a clear base suspended topper with black hexagon shaped pieces, long straight pieces and very few white larger hexagonal pieces. To say getting the white on each nail is a challenge is an understatement… lol; I first painted two coats of “OPI- Pompeii Purple” then when I got to the topper tried to paint it on like regular polish which did not work well. It left my nail with about one strip and one small hexagon, that is when I knew this was a mani I had to work for. I then tried to pick pieces out and place them on my nails to get the desired look I knew I just would not get trying to paint this topper on. I love the end result but needless to say it was better my mom gave this to me, I am used to it with these types and let’s face it, she just would have given it to me after her frustration anyways! 🙂


As usual, “Pompeii Purple” does not picture as it does in real life… ::sigh::


This is the color, it’s this gorgeous shimmery pink with that beautiful purple undertone.

Alright guys, well that is all I have for you today. While sitting at the dealership this afternoon I promise to catch up on my favorite blogs and comment on all of your beauties ❤

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