Bumble the abominable SNOWman nails

I know it might seem a little early for some of you for Christmas or snow nails… but I have entered in a Nail art contest! This weeks theme is anything snow related. I chose “Bumble- the abominable Snowman” from the CLASSIC stop motion Christmas Movie, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Polishes used were “Sephora by OPI – Underwater Fantasy”, “milani – white”, “Barry M – Dark grey” mixed with “Sinful Colors – black” , and “Essie – No Place like chrome” .

  • For the nails with his “fur”, I painted one coat of the “Underwater Fantasy” to give some depth. I then put a couple of drops of  white on a plate and dipped a brush and made sponge like motions for a sponging effect (that took two coats).
  • For Bumble himself, after I did the first two steps from above, I used a tiny brush to paint his lip using “Underwater Fantasy” with a little bit of white mixed in, then white for his teeth, his nostrils were the gray and black mixed, then finally his eyes.
  • For the star I used a dotting tool for center using silver then a tiny brush to make the points
  • I used a dotting tool for all of the white snowflakes and a tiny brush for the star in the sky on my pinky finger.

What do you think?

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view the contestants and vote 😀 It only takes a sec, it asks for your name your email and then there is a drop down and you select Mae’s Beauty Reports(or if you like someone elses better 😦 ). Thank you everyone!!! Voting Ends Sunday November 25th so get your votes in!

Keep in mind there are three rounds, so I will be back next week and the following week again asking for your votes, thank you so much!! ❤ ❤ ❤