NOTD 70 – @NinjaPolish Alexandrite @Polish_Ninja

I am so excited today I cannot even begin to express how much!! It’s the little things in life.. lol

First, I have some swatches of the GORGEOUS “Alexandrite by Ninja Polish” that I had posted about last week here.  and the second excitement is an amazing lighting setting on my camera that I learned about today, that makes things wonderful (some of you can benefit from this, some can’t, some have way better pictures than me already, so you must have known! ) But, can I just take a moment to first say how awesome Rhonni from NinjaPolish is. Someone had told me about her website when I was trying to find a hard to find polish. I then saw that she has a blog too and I was instantly hooked. I also followed her on twitter and was so excited when I tweeted that I ordered from her and she tweeted me back. She is super friendly, has amazing products, and ships crazy fast!

Okay, on to what I learned today… So, I painted my nails last night and like any other amazing color changing, neon, holo, etc. I could not capture its beauty! (you know what I am talking about ladies well some people can, but I have seen many a complaint about having this same issue and this color unfortunately was no exception) I took some pictures in the bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, morning sun, dark with flash. No matter what I did, the color looked either green or navy never all three colors like I see in person. Today on my camera, I messed with the settings and one of the lighting settings is “Flourescent H – For shooting in daylight flourescent lighting” perfect! I took some more shots with this setting today and what a difference, this is for sure as close as I am going to get on a camera for these harder to capture polishes!

Now on to the polish, just as I thought I would, I LOVED this color. The website says: “The Alexandrite gemstone is known as the ‘Emerald by day and Ruby by night’ due to how it shifts its coloration based on surrounding lighting. However if you have seen an Alexandrite the ‘ruby’ shift color is often a magenta with flints or purple. The green to purple shift of this polish can only be represented by this captivating gemstone. This polish is ideal over dark colors, especially a dark purple and shows truest over black”

I put 2 thin coats of “Alexandrite” over 2 thin coats of “OPI – Russian Navy”. I really loved how the navy poked through the shimmer of ever-changing purples and greens. Oh – Em – Gee!! Since I am so excited about this mani and my newly found setting on my camera, there are many pictures 😀

So, what do you think of this fabulous color, are you in love with it like me, or is not for you? What do you currently have on your nails?

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