EOTD 16- Purple (and new purchases) :)

I ordered a pair of Red suede wedges from Amazon on the 6th and they finally came!



The other new thing that I picked up was a “glitter Milani Eye Liner”. I went to look for the new Marker like liners that they have, but all they had, was black and I don’t usually use black. I ended up with their new Glitter Retractable Eye Liner in “Purple Quartz” that has a built-in sharpener and blender. Yep that’s right!


And now on to the look of the day, I used:

“e.l.f. Mineral infused face primer in clear”

“Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation”

“e.l.f. Studio Make Up mist and Set”

“UD Primer Potion”

“Inglot AMC Eye Shadow Shine 29”

“Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour in 20 Painted Purple”

“Milani Glitter Eye Liner in Purple Quartz”

“UD Super Curl Curling Mascara”

“e.l.f. lip color in Classy”





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Day 1 Red – 31Challenge

This the first day of the Challenge, again remember for me, these looks will not be every day. I will be posting every couple of days, either when I get bored with the look or it starts to chip.

This is one coat of “e.l.f.’s Medium Red”

Two coats

This color is very light so I felt that I needed three coats as you still saw my nail

I then decided to paint my ring finger with the “NEW Spoiled by Wet n wild – Designated Driver” Yellow. This polish was awesome because it was only $1.99 but I felt it was harder to work with. It has a nice wide brush but it attracts a lot of polish to the brush. hard not to do thick coats. Seemed to take a little longer to dry as well probably as it was hard not to do thick coats, The picture above is 2 coats.

I had some address labels that I cut down and put it on my nail, I wanted to do a color fading effect with different shades.

I used “Spoiled by Wet n Wild – Don’t be cheesy” orange on the remainder of my nail then when dry used the red again on tip

This was Day 1 of the 31 Nail Challenge , hope you enjoyed!

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NOTD2-Ladybug Breast Cancer

I participated in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in NYC in October 2011, so this was my look for that weekend. I used my “OPI Base and Top Coat” then my “e.l.f. – light pink” for this look, as well as my “ladybug breast cancer water decals”

I like to use different water decals from time to time. You can find a lot of different designs of these decals on eBay. I purchased these Decals from the seller: Ebay Store

The decals are fairly easy to use. They comes in a strip of 10 usually, you cut out as close as you can around the image. Once your nail is painted and DRY, put the decal you cut out in water for 30 seconds. Take the decal off and slide onto dry nail. These are not sticky decals so you can slide into place.

Hope you Enjoy and find some inspiration from this look!

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NOTD1-Fancy French

Welcome to my Blog and my very first post! Check out my About Page for more information about myself and my blog! 🙂

I was researching some new nail trends and came across a look that gave me the inspiration to do this. I found this person on Google Images and for their look they used white and a clear and silver glitter.

This look was created with my “OPI base and Top Coat” my “n.y.c. white”, and the glitter I chose was my “OPI – Excuse Moi – Muppets Collection, Pink Glitter”. the base color I chose was my “e.l.f. – light pink”.

Once my base coat was dry, I did a free hand coat of the white on an angle on all of my nails and continued with the other side on the opposite angle the Pink “Excuse Moi” glitter. Once all dry, topped it off with my top coat.

I hope that you get some inspiration from this look as I did and I hope you enjoy!

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