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NOTD 171 – I wanna see your Peacock

In my last post I said that my sister was coming in on Monday but I lied… BUT I had to! Just in case my mom saw my blog Friday…. So we (my sister and I) told my mom that my sister was coming to visit on Monday, yesterday and staying all week, when in reality we were surprising her Friday. I asked my mom to go to dinner the four of us (my mom, her husband Bill, Don, and I) So my sister came to my house first and followed us to dinner. The four of us sat down and then my sister came in a few minutes after us. Now the place we went to, we have been going to for years so the woman knows Marissa. Donna, the waitress pulls up a table and an extra chair and is like “oh is she joining you” and the three of us (cuz Bill was in on it too) were all like ohh whoo 🙂 and my mom freaked, it was too awesome!! So my sister is here now until Saturday she drives back Saturday morning and I get to spend time with her and Thomas ❤

I did my nails on Saturday night and now I can’t get Katy Perry’s Peacock song out of my head… song not suitable for young children… LOL

For this look I painted my thumb and my middle finger using Revlon – Ocean, and the other three using Avon Cosmic. I stamped Ocean overtop using my peacock stamp and hand painted in the blues (Essie – Bikini so Teeny and Essie’s – Aruba Blue) in the feather and touched up the stem of the feather using Milani glitter nail art. Here is my final look

Pictuttre 114

Pictuttre 111

Picttture 118

Picttture 113

So there you have it, I think this is one of my favorite designs so far!

What do you think of this look and how was your weekend?

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NOTD 138 – Glitter Gal

Hey guys, I know I know, I am a slacker… I promised a fun post after my beauties from Ninja Polish on Friday and I failed… Sorry for the Epic Failure. In any event, they came and they are beauties and I have some of them to show you today!

I wanted so much to use my new and first ever Glitter gal “holographic Bondi Blue” I tried it first with no underwear and it was still a little sheer even after three coats so I chose “Essie – bikini so teeny” as it’s underwear, two coats of each. on my index finger I stamped in a heart using “Zoya – Charla” and then painted it in to make darker.

This first picture was taken outside but it’s a lot more muted the holo doesn’t come out as much. This way you can see the blue color on its own and basically what it looks like not under bright lights or in the sun.


Now the rest are all taken either outside or under my lightbox light to really get the holo effect.


Well guys, there you have it. Next up is a hot pink with “Catrice – even more metalilac” anyone have this or metalilac? I am having an issue with bubbling I need to address! lol

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NOTD 123 – Really Winter…

Are you kidding me right now with this crappy NJ weather….. So last week was the first day of Spring, and now today it’s snowing??? Does that make much sense to you? The news this morning said that we should be in the 50’s about now, and It’s snowing… ugg! When I say snowing, I mean it… These snowflakes are huge! and coming down fast!


So today’s nails are perfect for the occasion, I did a needle dragging Spring mani. It was supposed to be needle dragging since Winter is dragging its feet on its way out, and Spring colors, well because I just simply want it to be here. Now the mani is even more perfect because it just proves my point even more.

The colors I used for this mani were: My Base coat of “OPI – Nail Envy”, the green is “Essie – Turquoise & Caicos”, the blue is “Bikini so Teeny” and then “Ulta – Snow White”

  • After my base coat was fully dry, I painted one strip of polish on each nail. Some nails I did two split colors, and my middle, I did all three. For some thinner colors (the green in this case) needed a second coat before I did the effect.
  • Once dry, I started each nail one by one. I painted a thicker white coat, and quickly beside it a thicker blue coat, while still wet, took my needle and slowly dragged back and forth until desired look was achieved.
  • Follow last step for all nails using which ever colors you chose for each nail.
  • Finally, for the top coat. I used “OPI – Nail Envy” *With this look be sure that your polish is as dry as it can be, I used Seche on one of the nails and ended up redoing it all together as it was still kind of wet and didn’t look right. Unfortunately, once I put the Seche topper on, it made the effect look like it hadn’t happened. 😦 When I re-did, I switched to the OPI toppper and made sure all were pretty dry!


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