Stamping Saturday – Elsa nails

Today I am going to the Philadelphia flower show. The theme is celebrate the movies inspired by the films of Disney and Disney/Pixar. As you know since there was so much hype over Frozen you KNOW there will be some Frozen displays. This gives me a chance to use my polish I got over Christmas!

So before you get scared, no I did not do full-on Elsa nails.. BUT I am going to bombard you with Elsa images, etc to set the tone since Frozen is literally EVERYWHERE!

I got Different Dimensions No one Elsa but you. It’s a¬†holographic silvery blue polish with added shimmers, microglitters and real sterling silver flakies (direct from Different Dimensions website). I then did an accent nail using Orly’s Sweet Peacock and stamped a snowflake using Essie’s Blue Rhapsody.

Are you ready for Frozen overload? Here goes….






This went perfectly with Orly’s Peacock I really think that the vibrant shiny blue really brought out the shimmer and holo-ness that is this gorgeous Elsa color and visa versa. What do you think?

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Lastly before I go, in case you weren’t already singing it… you will be now ; )

Stamping Saturday – Let it Snow


Whaaaaaatttt? It’s Stamping Saturday and I have a look for you? Yes I do. I know it’s been about forever since the last time I did Stamping Saturday, but I am trying to participate more again! ūüôā

It’s snowing, yet again, it’s beyond freezing, yet again, it’s NJ and it sucks, as always… so I have a snowflake mani.


For this mani I desperately wanted to use my flakies, since they are really just a top coat unless you do multiple coats, I painted one thin coat of Julep’s Emma to give it that frost look. I then did one coat of ILNP’s Cold Fusion. My accent finger I did two coats of China Glaze’s Resolution, once all dry I stamped different snowflakes using Essie’s Blue Rhapsody.





I love how Cold Fusion shifts from cobalts to emerald greens. These flakies are the best thing ever I’m in love.

As one of the Stamping Saturday Founders I really should be doing this every Saturday with the girls but I’ve been slacking, ūüė¶ we’ve welcomed so many new girls and new looks each week with us. If you love stamping and would like to join us, please do!!

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NOTD 115 – Featured Color Friday- I’m seeing Spots

That’s right, guess what I got!!! The fabulous Sabrina from Polish in Paris¬†got me “OPI – Spotted Effect” for my Birthday!

For those of you that don’t know, back in the Spiderman¬†Collection,¬† France got a Sephora France exclusive,¬†this gorgeous topper I am about to show you, and the US and others got another stinkin crackle!¬†You cannot find this in the US unless you want to spend a ridiculous¬†amount of money on Ebay or have some fabulous friends in Paris like me, or ! hehehe ‚̧

I played through so many ideas in my head¬†of what I wanted to put underneath this topper, and ended up using “Essie – Blue Rhapsody”.

When you paint the topper it’s not¬†like crackle effect, it literally¬†happens instantly. I painted a strip and before I got to the end of the nail the effect had already taken place! The instructions say to simply paint one thin coat over top already dry polish, with the metallic color though I did have to do a top coat first before the effect because¬†it wasn’t working properly¬†most likely¬†as it’s a little different texture.

Thin coats will create very small and numerous spots, thick coats will almost entirely cover you nail with the exception of a couple of big spots only. I also did not use “Seche¬†Vite” as I normally do, I used “OPI – Nail Envy” once dry as I did not want to run the risk of shrinkage with this mani

Here is what I came up with for my first round of ‘Spotted Effect’


The first two are using my lightbox


¬†This was natural light in the car this morning –¬†this is the best picture that matches the color exactly, the blue metallic really shines through the spotted effect.


These last two were under flourescent lighting in the office.

So what do you think of the Spotted effect?

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NOTD 92 & 93 Snowflakes

I had my first guest post on the amazing Tara’s blog over at Polishy of Truth go check it out here, and check out her amazing blog while you are there; that’s my first Snowflake post that I have for you. ūüôā

The second mani I have to share,¬†was with a polish that I got from the lovely and fabulous Cynthia¬†for my birthday! One of the beautiful polishes she got me was “China Glaze – Dorothy Who” its a gorgeous bright sparkly blue. I then used my new holiday stamping plate and chose a different snowflake and stamped it with “Essie – Blue Rhapsody”. I put a light blue gem in the middle and topped it off with Seche Vite.

Picture 111002Picture 111001Picture 111005

Week 3 of the Nail Art Challenge ends this week, don’t forget to vote! I came in 2nd the first week and 4th the second week. Click here to vote by 5PM PST Wed. Dec 12th

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NOTD 86 – Gettin’ Cheeky

I know, I know, it’s been a while again.. ūüė¶ well I have gotten some fabulous things in the past few days to tell you about!! My mama¬†went to Amazon and ordered me the new Cheeky plate set, that came in the other day…¬†I picked up the Color Club Pop Color set at Ross for $7.99!!! and My glequins¬†came in from Ebay, woohoo!

This mani¬†started out disastrous, it was one of those manis¬†like, “why do I keep adding things” but I ended up liking it! ūüėÄ I used “OPI – Russian Navy” which is a gorgeous deep blue, with¬†I think, hints of a deep purple.Wwith this color, I¬†feel like you need two coats but when you do two coats it looks super dark and not as much depth to it. I then used “Essie’s – Blue Rhapsody” as my stamping color which I think brings¬†out a lot more of “Russian Navy’s” vibrance. The place I used was Cheeky plate “CH52” with my blue glequins that matched “Blue Rhapsody” almost perfectly!

Step 1: Base Coat

Step 2: Two coats of “Russian Navy”

Step 3: Once FULLY dry, Stamp Cheeky Plate CH52 onto all nails.

Step 4: Paint a diagonal french effect with either a brush or the brush from the polish bottle of Russian Navy (one nail)

Step 5: While Russian Navy is still somewhat dry, using a brush,(toothpick, whatever you want to grab with) dip into clear polish and pick up glequin. Place desired amount of glequins, in desired pattern; I followed the diagonal tip.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for remainder of nails

Step 7: Top coat.

Here is the finished look




So what do you think?


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