NOTD 129 – Essie Strips

As most of you have read by now, either via Twitter, Facebook, or my last post I am ( by the time this post hits – IF it works properly ) currently in North Carolina visiting my Sister and my Brother-in-law and meeting my new and first Nephew / Godson!!! So no ‘Featured Color Friday’ this week I’m afraid.


With that being said, I had a lot to do around the house this week to prepare for my trip and then with me being gone a couple of days there was just no time for nail up-keep this week. My green from Friday was chipping off badly so while at Target this weekend, I picked up some cute “Essie – nail strips”. Nicole over at Polish Me, Please has done some excellent reviews on which brands she liked, check her blog out for those.

The strips I got were a gray with what I thought were little rhinestones however upon further review they look like a cross between rhinestones and water droplet details, either way super cute.

The strips were very easy to apply, they were a sticker that you apply to the nail and just like most file the excess off. I did not use a top coat. I will let you know how they held up when I get back 🙂


Alright guys, well that is all for now, I will post again early next week.

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