The Lacquer Ring – Splatter

I’m baaaack! Back with my prompt for The Lacquer Ring nail art for the month of January. I picked as you can tell from the title, Splatter. The girls were ready to curse me out, but I just had to! I love the way that splatter looks and versatility of the look. I decided to go a little differently this time, I wanted different textures or finishes, check out what I came up with, I love it!

For Christmas my husband kept saying he really wanted to get me a nail polish but with my stash how in the world could he possibly know what to get. I sent him my wishlist tab that I have on the blog LOL but he didn’t want to be bothered.. said it wasn’t special enough. I told him well most of what I have on my list that are ‘special’ it’s just because I cannot find them, and spouted out a few. Well Guess What he found me!!!!…. OPI’s Here Today Aragon Tomorrow SUEDE VERSION! I couldn’t believe it, super awesome, have not been able to find this in forever!!!

I did two coats of HTAT Suede and splattered Essie’s Penny talk for my different finish of metallic, and then chose a holo to splatter using Dollish Polish’s Walker Bait.IMG_7317The holo is sort of hard to see, I would have rathered a more vibrant holo but I’m in love with how it came out, what do you think??






Do you hate the work that goes in to splatters too? I’ll let you in on a little secret if you don’t already do this… I use OPI’s glitter off on my cuticles and the tips of my fingers where I know I am going to make a mess. You can use glue, or anything else that you would normally use say when you marble, makes clean up A LOT easier 😉

Go check out the other girls Splatter nails.


NOTD 170 – Featured Color Friday – Darling Talk

Happy Friday!!! This weekend is especially special because my sister and my nephew are coming to visit on Monday!! ❤ ❤

The other day in Target, I picked up ‘Shearling Darling’ from the  Essie Winter Collection. It’s a very typical winter red to me, nothing too fancy i.m.o. but obviously something drew me to it, that’s why I picked it up right? 🙂

Picture 1pp11

Picture 1pp10

I then used my thin chevron plate and on my ring finger painted the red first and stamped ‘Essie – Penny Talk’ overtop and on my pointer finger painted Penny Talk with the Red Chevroned over top that.

Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂

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NOTD 164 – Featured Color Monday – Falling Star

As I finally have some time to breath after constant monitoring my baby this weekend, I finally bring you this.. last weeks featured color.

So Tempest’s surgery went well, we  dropped her off before work and picked her up after work; she was all shaved and doped up the poor thing. They shaved her leg from her hip down, her arm for the IV, and a spot on her back by her collar for the pain patch. The pain patch wouldn’t kick in until morning Friday, she was all doped up from the stuff from the surgery. They recommended we keep her in kitchen or somewhere not on rugs as she was so doped she might ‘wet the bed’ :/ So we get her home and she’s all dazed out 😦 We lay her on her bed that we covered in trash bags sure enough about 2 hours in she peed on it.. urgg! 😦 She kept twitching through her sleep and kept waking up she couldn’t even walk outside to go potty we had to carry her, she was just dragging her feets. We made a sort of sleepover in the living room so we could lay with her through the night and we made it.. we ended up all having a sleepover for the next coupe of days because she can’t do steps at all for a few weeks. Friday and Saturday were much better most of the anesthesia and other drugs started to wear off and she became more of herself. She’s also sort of putting pressure on that foot now. It’s just icing every four hours, lots of meds… etc. Tomorrow picks up with more exercises to strengthen that muscle and moving on to heat and follow-up appointments.


With that being said that is why I couldn’t do my nails or post for you Friday. So today I have a special Featured color Monday instead.

I have two coats of ‘Barielle – Falling Star’ along with ‘Essie – Copper Talk’ stamped overtop using that heart on plate ‘PUEEN15’

Picture 138Picture 140Picture 139


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NOTD 158 – Featured Color Friday – Katherine

Happy Friday! We made it to another Friday! woohoo!

Today I have for you the last Shimmer girl I have been telling you guys about, ‘Katherine’. This the perfect Fall color. Painting Katherine totally gets me ready, I am just waiting for Fall and Halloween now! Bring it on I cannot wait! That is my favorite time of the year anyway so I am always wishing for it to come early 🙂

*This polish was sent to me for unbiased review.

‘Katherine’ is a gorgeous bronze glitter that also has some sparse specs of brown.

Pic00ture 108Pictu00re 110

For this look, I topped two coats of ‘Katherine’ overtop two coats of ‘Sally Hansen’s – Forbidden Fudge’

Pictu00re 109

I then did a very subtle stamping look; you can see it better in some pictures than others. I stamped a snake skin pattern on my pinky using stamp ‘Wistonia w101’ and ‘Essie -Penny Talk’. I then stamped the animal paw print on top of that using ‘ Sally Hansen – Forbidden Fudge’.

Pictur00e 106pict00ure 112Pict00ure 111

Don’t forget:

Shimmer Polishes is on Facebook by clicking here

Her blog by clicking here

And most importantly, where you can buy these pretties, on the Etsy website

I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend!

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NOTD 109 – Pumpkin Talk

It’s Super Bowl Sunday today. Time for wings, chips, dip, pizza, football pools, really good and sometimes really horrible commercials, but of course Football! I personally am not a huge football fan, but I will be watching the commercials, half-time show and checking to see if I won any of my pools!! 🙂

I do not have a football mani for you because as I said I am just not a huge fan of the sport, much more hockey as you know from my Hockey is back post!

In any event, today I have for you a stamped mani using two coats of “Jessica – Pumpkin Delight” overtop “OPI’s Nail Envy” (at the suggestion of some of you to try) topped with a stamp plate “Cheeky CH50” using “Essie – Penny Talk”

Picture 106Picture 107Picture 108Picture 115Picture 116

I have been using the “Nail Envy” for about a week. So far, my nails feel stronger and I haven’t had the same chipping issues. The instructions are very similar to a “Nailtek” or a “Nailtiques, in that you paint two coats as a base, and each day paint one coat once your mani is done. I will keep you posted on how I think it’s holding up 🙂

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NOTD 87 – Fall leaves

The weather here in NJ has been crazy weird… First we had Hurricane Sandy which was not fun, lots and lots of heavy rain, harsh winds, and cold air. Then last week it went back up to the 60’s and 70’s, last night went down to the 30’s and this week back to the 50’s… it’s very consistent as you can see, not much of a fall 😦 which sucks because that is my favorite season.

For this fall mani, I used two coats of “China Glaze – Agro” overtop base coat, you can probably get away with one coat if you are careful but I still had some see through spots as I did it thin, so I ended up with two coats. I used “Essie – Penny Talk” for the leaves with “Cheeky Plate CH33” For whatever reason this plate has dots on the leaves, I want a tree that has polka dots on the leaves!!! lol anyway I felt the stamp needed something more so those spots I dotted with “Sally Hanson – Forbidden Fudge”

Here are two pictures of the final look one with flash and one without.

So what do you think of my Fall mani?


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HMOTD 2 – Jack-O-Lantern

Some of you may be sad to not see actual Jack O’ Lanterns today, but for my fellow glitter lovers, you will be excited 😀 and who knows..  maybe some Punkin’ faces are soon to come 😀

I painted two coats of “China Glaze – Liquid Leather” let dry for a very long time then put my binder stickers in place. I painted one coat of “Essie – Penny Talk” (that is really all you need) and let it dry a little, then one coat of “Hit Polish – Jack-O-Lantern”. The first nail I did, the copper dried so quickly, as most of the metallics do, that it started to peel the polish off while I pulled the sticker, off even with me being gentle. Ugh~! The next nails I had to paint the copper first, immediately take off the sticker, and by hand paint the glitter on top and be sure to not go over the black 😦 Still wasn’t too bad. I love the pop of metallic under the glitter and overtop of the shiny black.

Here is the look 😀

Some of the glitter flakes are a little larger so you really can see it well in the other pictures, but I took two other pictures of it up close still:

So what do you think of this gorgeous glitter?

**Stay tuned later today I have an amazing wreath to show you that my bestest friend Gina made for me, Hint: it’s Halloween Town themed 😀



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NOTD 62 – Breathable polish?

Inglot Cosmetics has a line of polish that is breathable. My girlfriend Gina let me borrow her “Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel – 623” This is a beautiful kind of burnt orange/red with a hint of gold that can be seen in the bottle. That gave me the idea to use “Essie – Penny Talk” as my stamping color. More about the Inglot breathable line can be found here:

The formula was awesome with this polish. This is two coats and it’s a gorgeous color! No staining, and lasted about three days, I took it off because I had shrinkage with the “Seche Vite” that ended up wearing at the tips from typing. That’s all for now, as I am off to test out a new color I just picked up “OPI DS -Mystery” 😀

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NOTD 52 Penny Moon

As I mentioned in my “No Place like Chrome” mani post, I was not a fan of the new Essie Metallics collection. I was in love with the colors and the overall result, but when I went to go use it, there were just so many imperfections that I couldn’t overlook. As I have said before, this happens with all pearlized and metallic colors for the most part. Maybe it’s because it’s so shiny it’s so much easier to see the flaws, and honestly I don’t know what I expected knowing what I knew ahead of time. In any event I made a plan to use this as either an accent, or a nail art color and in this post I did just that.

I used “Essie – Penny Talk” with “China Glaze – Sexy in the City overtop” I liked this much better! I really like how “Sexy in the city” has like a shimmer to it too so it kind of blends, my husband isn’t a fan of either of the Metallic colors, but hey they are my nails! 😀 What do you guys think?

Outside – Morning, not really any sunlight yet.

Inside with flash under flourescent lighting

  Inside no flash flourescent lighting

Overall, I am much more pleased with this mani than I was with the last one; I like that not all of the brush strokes are shown as it’s covered with the half-moon. What do you think?

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