NOTD 178 – Featured Color Friday – Indie Hello Kitty

Woohoo It’s finally Friday! I feel like I am so behind this year, I have no decorations up, nothing wrapped, still a few people to buy for, etc. I am usually way more prepared by now. I think it’s that Thanksgiving was so much later, it’s totally throwing me off. I have been working on Saturdays for OT, this Sunday I have a party to go to, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of next week I have things going on, along with Doctors, etc. mixed in to that, it’s just insane!

Anyway, enough about my crazy schedule and lack of preperation this year, on to this beautiful ILNP pretty that I have been telling you all so much about lately. This is Indie Go by I Love Nail Polish. It’s a gorgeous blue holo with mixed in blue sparkles and subtle color change.

This picture is a little blurry but you can just see the amazing holo/sparkle and slight color change! 🙂

Picture 144

I then stamped my Ice skating Hello Kitty and I took my Milani nail art bottles and filled in some of the stamp. I colored in her headband and scarf pink and added glitter to her skates and her headband for some sparkly detail. 🙂

Picture 138

Picture 135

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Picture 107

Lastly, the Week 2 Contest voting also ends this weekend, click on the picture to go vote. Thank you!

Picture 128

So are you as un-prepared as I am this year?

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NOTD 172 – Featured Color Friday – Northern Lights @ILNPBrand

It’s finally Friday, this was a long week but a good one! I got to spend a decent amount of time with my sister and my nephew but now I am sad it’s over, she heads home tomorrow morning 😥

I had gotten an email from I Love NP about 2 weeks ago maybe longer about a new line that she was coming out with. I loved just about every one of them but I had to control myself! I picked out 5 of the pre-order polishes and if you purchased three you got another special polish, I then also ordered Northern Lights which I have for you today. I absolutely love all of the colors that I chose but this one is definitely my favorite of the bunch see for yourself.

The website describes Northern Lights as “a wonderful duochrome nail polish with dark purple and navy blue hues.” This color is so stunning, I just have no words, I tried very hard to capture the dark purple hue but it’s very hard, it even looks greenish in some lights. See for yourself.


Picture right from ILNP site.

I painted two coats of Northern Lights and using Essie’s There’s no place like Chrome, I stamped this design using PUEEN14 stamp. Here is the final result:

Picture 113

TPicture 115

TPicture 116

TPicture 119

This was a couple of different angles and lighting, in person you can definitely see that in some lights it almost looks greenish and you can see the very subtle purple undertone.

So what did you think? Did you pick up any of ILNP’s latest line (coming out November 22nd for those of you that did not get the pre-sale)

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NOTD 165 – Featured Color Friday – Flowery Zara

It’s Friday again woohoo! I feel like I have no time any more for my nails and the blog.. whomp whomp!

I got another package from The Born Pretty store with some goodies to review for you. Today I have some flowery nail art stickers atop two coats of ‘Zoya -Zara’. I am not sure how I feel about this purple, I like it on one token for the gold shimmer to it yet don’t like it on the other hand for the same reason…

These nail art stickers were sent to me to review for my unbiased review

Picture 106

Picture 108

These stickers can be found on the Born Pretty Store for $4.73 and it comes with 10 sheets of variety stickers.

The stickers come off easily and stick well, I used Seche Vite on top of them and they did not shrink or get funny like some nail art stickers do. I really like how they have a little bit of 3D-ness to them but it’s barely noticeable with top coat as you all know I am not a fan of 3D it drives me nuts!

I wore these nails for the normal few days and the stickers lasted well, they did not lift or chip off.

The Born Pretty store has all your nail art needs with much more. They have beauty products, jewelry, nail polish, etc. They also ship Worldwide!

Don’t forget The Born Pretty store gave me a coupon to share exclusively with Mae’s Beauty followers. The coupon is good for 10% off and free shipping. Click the link below to be brought to their store; Remember to use the exclusive coupon code of ‘ZYL91′ in the checkout for your special discount. (It’s also on the side bar of the blog)


Alright guys, Have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend!

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NOTD 139 – Featured Color Friday – Hot Pink

Yay Happy Friday!

As I mentioned in my previous post I got some beauties from Ninja Polish, one of the beauties was “Catrice – Even more metallic”. I don’t know if it’s me or what the heck is going on, but after two coats of this and a top coat it bubbled. I even tried to remove it and re-do with another topper and same effect 😦

Anyways, for this weeks featured color I bring you “Catrice – Even more metallic” and “Blackheart Beauty – Hot Pink”


You can see the tiny bubbles more in the second picture. I know, I know, from a far you can’t see it.. at least that’s what my husband tells me, along with, “you’re crazy, I can’t even see them” lol but IIII see it! So anyone that is having this same issue and has a solution let me know!

I absolutely love the pink shimmer in this purple and thought a deep color would contrast well with the neon and the fact that it had the pink shimmer in it, seemed like a perfect fit to me.

Anyone have any good plans this weekend?


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NOTD 131 – Featured Color Friday – Winter is Coming

Well guys, I am back this week with an all new Featured Color Friday for those of you that missed this last week!

A while back, I had gotten Jessica over at Once Upon a Polish “Smitten Polish – Winter is Coming” The polish is named and based after the HBO Series, Game of Thrones (and books of course); A show in which we share a similar love for <3. This gorgeous creamy jellie also has bright blue like royal/cobalt hexagonal glequins, along with teenie white and baby blue glitter mixed in. Once I saw Jessica do a swatch of this, I knew I too, had to have it!




For sure this polish quickly climbed its way to the top of my list of favorite polishes! Just gorgeous! I painted 2-3 coats on each nail. The creaminess to the Jellie definitely helped with non-noticeable nail lines unlike “Pink Lemonade II” that I just did, where I had to use ‘underwear’. So far, I am loving both of the Smittens that I have tried and can’t wait to go back and order more! 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone!

NOTD 117 – Featured Color Friday – Whirled Away

Happy Friday! woohoo! It’s Friday, It’s Pay Day, I have a half day today, it’s a good day! 🙂

Well guys, no baby yet, so I stuck to my normally scheduled Featured Color Friday.

A while back my mom had bought “China Glaze – Whirled Away” and I forget why but she decided to give it to me rather than keep for herself, and really who am I to argue? lol

I used it for this mani and all I can say is I am glad she gave it to me, she would have been very frustrated. I am used to it with these types of ‘glitters’ , “Whirled Away” is a clear base suspended topper with black hexagon shaped pieces, long straight pieces and very few white larger hexagonal pieces. To say getting the white on each nail is a challenge is an understatement… lol; I first painted two coats of “OPI- Pompeii Purple” then when I got to the topper tried to paint it on like regular polish which did not work well. It left my nail with about one strip and one small hexagon, that is when I knew this was a mani I had to work for. I then tried to pick pieces out and place them on my nails to get the desired look I knew I just would not get trying to paint this topper on. I love the end result but needless to say it was better my mom gave this to me, I am used to it with these types and let’s face it, she just would have given it to me after her frustration anyways! 🙂


As usual, “Pompeii Purple” does not picture as it does in real life… ::sigh::


This is the color, it’s this gorgeous shimmery pink with that beautiful purple undertone.

Alright guys, well that is all I have for you today. While sitting at the dealership this afternoon I promise to catch up on my favorite blogs and comment on all of your beauties ❤

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NOTD 99 – Featured Color ‘Black Friday’

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Featured Color Friday. Each Friday I will feature a color that I have yet to on the blog. Then new links will be added to my “Current Polish collection” page until all are filled.

These were my New Years Day nails. I painted one coat of “China Glaze – Liquid Leather” and topped with two coats of “Lush Lacquer – Black Friday” and “Seche Vite”

I absolutely love the colors and shapes and the design, and everything about the polish. It however is a glitter topper that you have to maneuver and manipulate on your nails so it lays where you want it to sometimes. ( if you are OCD like me) 😀


Still trying to get the lighting just right with my new light box, but I definitely see some improvements. Sorry about the blurriness around some nails, I had minor black polish marks before clean up that I tried to blur out. I wanted to take the pictures last night before Seche shrinked the look, and of course I did all that, and it didn’t shrink… 😦 I should be happy I know but I sat there and edited all the pictures. now I am using them hahaha

So what do you think of this polish and my new pictures?

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