Stamping Saturday – May Flowers

It’s that time again, another edition of Stamping Saturday. I absolutely love the Spring and the Fall. What I love most about Spring are all of my flowers, shrubs, etc blooming and sprouting again, and all of the pretty insects that come along with Spring. You can have your mosquitos though.. lol

Today in honor of Spring since we had such a wacky winter here in NJ, I have a flower mani. I’m going to be honest though, I don’t like it… :/ I don’t know if it’s the color scheme or what but I’m not a fan and these will be coming off very shortly.. lol

I used two coats of Jessica’s Strawberry Shake it for the base. The purple flowers are using stamp Red Angel RA-308 and OPI’s Planks A lot, the pink ones are using Venique’s Flip Flop to the Beach. The other nails with the vines I used the same stamping plate and the green is Orly’s Lucky Duck with the same two flower colors just alternating. The center yellow was Zoya’s Darcy.

Picture 193

So what do you think? Any big plans this weekend?

Don’t forget this Thursday is the Lacquer Ring’s first bi-weekly challenge.

Here are the other girls Stamping Saturday looks

NOTD 60 – Gram’s Nails

My Gram (grandmother) is going down the shore this week for an end of summer vacation. She wanted me to do her nails “pretty” before she went. She knew she wanted flowers, so I brought all my flowers stamps and a few colors I thought she might like. She took one look at my new holo and wanted the same, “Jade – Vermehlo Surreal” She originally wanted this pretty peach over the Holo, but it wasn’t coming out so she chose the silver “Essie – There’s no Place like Chrome”. I stamped the flowers she chose and then she wanted the black rhinestones in the center.

I think they came out great and she seemed to love them too 😀 That holo is going to look awesome in the sun all week down the shore, Hope you have good weather Gram!




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NOTD 45 – Happy Ending Shrinkage

ahaha! Now that I have your attention, here is today’s NOTD.

I have entitled this NOTD as I used “Sinful Colors – Happy Ending” and I had some shrinkage going on from Seche Vite. This is the first time this has happened to me. 😦 Everyone always talks about it and I had never experienced it, until now 😦 (see pinky finger in picture).

The colors used in this mani were the “Sinful Colors – Happy Ending” and “Essie’s Aruba Blue” for a stamp design. I then applied a goldish little bead in the center of the flowers. My thumbs which are not shown because I was bad and have been chomping! Shriek! ( I have had a bad weekend – start of the week ) I put a few of the flowers off centered like I did my big toe in this post. along with the goldish beads in the ones that had centers.

I am getting better with the stamps, not too many issues with these, had to do some touch ups with a teeny brush, other than that I am in love with this mani and the colors. The Sinful colors polish was hard to capture, the flash kept going off and I felt that it made the colors almost look like I had a matte top coat. See the shrunken pinky picture for the best acurate depiction of the green color, love this color!

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