NOTD 86 – Gettin’ Cheeky

I know, I know, it’s been a while again.. ūüė¶ well I have gotten some fabulous things in the past few days to tell you about!! My mama¬†went to Amazon and ordered me the new Cheeky plate set, that came in the other day…¬†I picked up the Color Club Pop Color set at Ross for $7.99!!! and My glequins¬†came in from Ebay, woohoo!

This mani¬†started out disastrous, it was one of those manis¬†like, “why do I keep adding things” but I ended up liking it! ūüėÄ I used “OPI – Russian Navy” which is a gorgeous deep blue, with¬†I think, hints of a deep purple.Wwith this color, I¬†feel like you need two coats but when you do two coats it looks super dark and not as much depth to it. I then used “Essie’s – Blue Rhapsody” as my stamping color which I think brings¬†out a lot more of “Russian Navy’s” vibrance. The place I used was Cheeky plate “CH52” with my blue glequins that matched “Blue Rhapsody” almost perfectly!

Step 1: Base Coat

Step 2: Two coats of “Russian Navy”

Step 3: Once FULLY dry, Stamp Cheeky Plate CH52 onto all nails.

Step 4: Paint a diagonal french effect with either a brush or the brush from the polish bottle of Russian Navy (one nail)

Step 5: While Russian Navy is still somewhat dry, using a brush,(toothpick, whatever you want to grab with) dip into clear polish and pick up glequin. Place desired amount of glequins, in desired pattern; I followed the diagonal tip.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for remainder of nails

Step 7: Top coat.

Here is the finished look




So what do you think?


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