NOTD 71 – Shimmer Polish

I am a little out-of-order here, I had this on my nails last week and did not post as I wanted to get my 9/11 mani up and then I had to edit and pick out the pics I liked the best. Unfortunately I took these pics before I found out that awesome new feature on my camera.. because this was another polish hard to capture. It had so much blue and so much purple hues that all my camera wanted to pick up were the blue hues, either way it’s gorgeous!

First is two pics of it with one coat of “Shimmer – Gerry” over two coats of “OPI Nicole’s – Back to Reality TV”

Next up is the finished product(2c over 2c) As I stated this was prior to me finding out that one setting or lighting feature in my camera so there are a few shots of me trying to get the color to show just right on the camera, here goes 😀

I even tried to hold a blue pen or putting my hands over a purple background to see if you could pick up the purples.. no such luck, so here is my fabulous blue pen shot! haha

Also please excuse the wear.. this was also taken after a few days of wear, I didn’t wrap and I was taking photos in every lighting angle for days determined to show the right colors. So some pictures are more worn than others.

Overall, Gerry as all Shimmer polishes I have tried so far, was absolutely fabulous, excellent formula, very easy to work with and manipulate.

What do you think? What are your favorite Shimmer colors if you have tried them already?


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