Day 2/3 Orange & Yellow – 31Challenge

Day 2 and three will be click as  I only have ONE orange and ONE yellow and I already used them for the nail art in day one. I also do not like the yellow or orange choices that I have.. 😦 Shown above is “Spoiled by Wet n wild – Don’t be cheesy”

one coat

two coats

Finished product

This polish as I have said in my day 1 post is a little watery .. but hard to not get a lot of polish on the brush it’s weird… but I guess that is what you get for $1.99 sometimes.. lol

Okay and as promised, here is day 3 , yellow – Shown above from left to right is “Avon – Splendid Blue” , “Spoiled by wet n wild – Designated Driver” , “OPI’s – Grape, Set, Match” , and “Ulta’s – Envy”

I did a little play on a Mardi Gras nail design but not too detailed since it wasn’t staying on long at all, since again I hate this yellow on my nails and skin tone.

I put a couple of drops of nail polish on a plate of the purple, the blue, and the green. I then took a toothpick to make cascading dots on my ring finger to represent the beads. my pinky has a purple stripe in the middle and then on either side of it is the blue and the green. The middle finger has a blue tip and the pointer finger purple. Unfortunately this picture did not capture the colors as much as I would have wanted it to. Plus unfortunately the shades were very close to each other.

Hope you liked my quick Day 2/3 🙂 stay tuned for green tomorrow! 🙂

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NOTD7- OPI Planks alot / Grape Set Match

This swatch is of a few of my new polishes: “OPI – Planks a lot” is the lilac color and the purple with sparkles is the “OPI – Grape Set Match” This was a few days into the look so you will notice the tips have buffed off a little from typing at work all day 😦

PS Please excuse the fact that my nails / hands are in bad need of lotion here! lol

Hope you enjoy!

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New Polishes!!!

Against the reviews for I decided still to try this website out for myself (becuase I am stubborn like that) My shipment came in today and these are my new lovely color choices:

From left to Right:

OPI – Mermaid Tears (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)

OPI – Lincoln Park after Dark

OPI – Grape Set Match (Serena Williams Collection

Zoya – Faye

OPI – Honk if you Love OPI

OPI – Planks A lot (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)

OPI – It’s My Year (Miss Universe Collection)

Unfortunately some people did not have a very good experience with this company but I have to say mine was very pleasant. Prices were good and fairly good turn around time.

I placed my order on 1/25 which was a Wednesday. I received an email from them that Sunday the 29th that my order would be shipping soon and the email also gave me a shipping tracking number. Their website says once they have approved your order they print the shipping label. Should one of your items be back ordered they will attempt to hold your order for up to 14 days to see if it comes back in stock.

Then on Feb 8th my order left their facility and it came today! Everything I ordered was there, and their prices were great. Apparently some people didn’t get all of their items they ordered, the items were replaced with other items they didn’t order or just left out all together, some people didn’t even get their orders. : ( So should you decide to try this site out, proceed with caution. My experience was good as were some others, but remember not all were good.

Anyway! I am extremely excited to try out all my new colors and work with new ideas!

**Update, so I have tested out, “Zoya-Faye” and “OPI – It’s My Year” (Miss Universe Collection) and I have to say I was very upset. The pictures online of both the bottle and painted nails as well as you can see the above pictures, make them appear to be different colors. Yea, not so much. (Pictures to come) but lets just say that both of these colors are almost identical

I have alto tried “OPI – planks a lot” with “OPI – grape set match see that post. “OPI – lincoln park after dark” has its own post now as well as “mermaid tears” the only one i have not tried yet, is “OPI – honk if you love opi” that will also have its own post when ready 🙂


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