NOTD 72 – The snozzberries taste like snozzberries

Today I have for you “Snozzberry” as glitter topper by “Hit Polish” overtop three coats of “Nina Pro – Cobalt”, before I continue I would just like to share how excited I was that I got “Cobalt” for $1.27. Yes, that is correct, they were $4.19 a piece, I got this blue and another color , they had a sale running that if you bought two, you could save a dollar. I also had a coupon for $5 dollars off making my total purchase for two polishes $2.55 I could not even believe it, Cynthia would be so proud! Anyway back to the polish…

The formula for the “Nina Pro” was decent but it was very jelly, I put three coats and I will show you in the picture you can still see my nail line. “Snozzberry’s” formula was okay. it wasn’t great but it certainly wasn’t the worst I have had, it was a little hard to work with not much liquid just a great big glitter bomb, so it’s definitely a formula you have to work with for sure. The glitter is very pretty lots of different colors and once you play with it a bit it will go on smoothly.

So here is three coats of “Cobalt” with one coat of “Snozzberry and you can see the nail line which I am not a fan of, so I ended up with two coats of “Snozzberry” to cover that 😀

Here is the finished look 🙂

You can see in this picture, my natural nail line a little and you can see some shrinkage on the index and thumb from “SV” 😦

So what do you think of this glitter bomb? What is one of your favorite glitters, any brand?

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Purchases and things

My mom and I had a Lia Sophia book party and with your sales you can earn free jewelry, which we did. I had gotten three rings, a bracelet, a necklace and a pair of earrings. My rings were a size too small and the earrings just did not look right on my little ear lobes, so I exchanged the earrings for the necklace below and my rings finally came in!!

The next thing was an actual purchase, and it was from Ninja Polish it’s a “Ninja Polish color named Alexandrite” This is an Emerald shifting to purple color. It says to paint over dark colors to really get the full effect, I cannot wait to try this. I did a swatch over nothing on one of my swatch tips and it’s simply gorgeous. However another one of those colors that will simply be impossible to capture in a photo, we shall see it kept coming up green in the pic 😦

Next up is a stamping plate that I also got from Ninja Polish

Next was my second Indie Polish, “Hit Polish” I got ” Jack-O’-Lantern” and “Snozzberry” I have not tried these yet, only on my nail swatches and they are gorgeous, I will swatch “Jack-O’-Lantern” closer to Halloween where I will do a bunch of Halloween manis as that is my favoritist time of the year. 🙂 “Snozzberry” swatches are soon to come.

Next up is “Gerry” from “Shimmer Polish” along with a sneak peek of a swatch of it (prior to my NOTD post about it)

So here is the sneak peek… no matter What I did, inside, outside, flash, no flash, right under lights, shading, in the car, in the sun, overtop purple backgrounds, overtop blue backgrounds…. the color continuously showed up as a blue with glitter. Although I painted this atop “OPI Nicole – Back to Reality TV” I painted two coats, and I feel it’s more purple. but it certainly has a lot of blue glitter too. See for yourself Linda over at Shimmer does describe it as a “Violet Purple Navy Blue glitter polish”

The formula was great, this is two coats over “Back to Reality TV” covered it for the most part. beautiful glitters. She has gorgeous shades to offer you should check her out, I am starting my list now, of next colors to get from “Shimmer”.

Last purchase and certainly not least 😀 is my very first one, it was from “LUSH Lacquer”, I got “Salt N’ Peppa” and “Slumber Party” To see the swatch of “Salt N’ Peppa” click here: I am so mad at myself that I only got minis of these because I simply LOVE “Salt N’ Peppa” so far, I have not tried “Slumber Party” just yet. I am like so afraid to use it because I don’t want it to end!! I already have a wish list of this line going 😀

That is all for now. 😀

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