NOTD 119 – Featured Color Friday – Marilyn

So I am a big fan of the show SMASH on NBC and it’s about a Broadway show about Marilyn Monroe. Naturally, just looking at this beauty, plus my love for Marilyn herself, and this show, as soon as I saw this gorgeous color, I just had to have it. Today I bring you, “Shimmer’s – Marilyn”

‘Marilyn’ is a pinkish/red toned jelly based polish but more on the red side, with gorgeous red glitters. It looks fine on its own, over red, or black, or I even tried silver, but ended up with the red. I put two coats of ‘Marilyn’ over one thin coat of “China Glaze – Adventure Red-y”


soo sparkly 🙂



And now, for my new tattoo


So here is a side story on this…. My husband and I have been married 9 years now and we had discussed getting tattoos with our names on them. I was going to get Jack and Sally and put our names, and he Superman and Louis Lane. So we go to the tattoo shop, all ready to go, so I show the guy the picture I wanted. Problem is, unfortunately not all pictures transfer well over to tattoos. The drawing had too many thin lines and would have just blended over time and you would lose the details, specifically in the clothing and in their stitches. So we nixed that and went to lunch to think on it. He wasn’t 100% sure on his picture just yet either so we decided to just get the names for now and come back when we had good pics we knew we wanted for sure. I picked a Nightmare Before Christmas-ish text and got Don on my wrist and Don drew the heart on me and the guy tatted it in. Don had me sign my signature on his chest and the guy tatted that in.

Here they both are:

Picture 121

Here is the picture I wanted (with some changes) but he said that in order for it not to bleed into each other over time it had to be BIG, so it’s off to find a better Jack and Sally for my next tattoo 🙂


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