Stamping Saturday – Let it Snow


Whaaaaaatttt? It’s Stamping Saturday and I have a look for you? Yes I do. I know it’s been about forever since the last time I did Stamping Saturday, but I am trying to participate more again! 🙂

It’s snowing, yet again, it’s beyond freezing, yet again, it’s NJ and it sucks, as always… so I have a snowflake mani.


For this mani I desperately wanted to use my flakies, since they are really just a top coat unless you do multiple coats, I painted one thin coat of Julep’s Emma to give it that frost look. I then did one coat of ILNP’s Cold Fusion. My accent finger I did two coats of China Glaze’s Resolution, once all dry I stamped different snowflakes using Essie’s Blue Rhapsody.





I love how Cold Fusion shifts from cobalts to emerald greens. These flakies are the best thing ever I’m in love.

As one of the Stamping Saturday Founders I really should be doing this every Saturday with the girls but I’ve been slacking, 😦 we’ve welcomed so many new girls and new looks each week with us. If you love stamping and would like to join us, please do!!

If you have a look to share this week, you can grab this link to put in your post

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Check out everyone else’s Stamping Saturday that had one for today!

NOTD 124 – FCF – Easter Peeps

For those of you that follow my facebook page see that I was unable to have my Friday look done in time, so I promised it for today instead. This week’s inspiration was Easter Peep candies.


The base color was: “Julep – Emma” my middle finger inspired by the purple peep was “Shimmer – Gerry”, my ring and pointer finger inspired by the yellow was “Ulta – Cream of the crop” topped with “V.I.P. – Gold” and lastly my pink inspired peep color on my pinky and thumb was “China Glaze Pink Voltage topped with “Kleancolor – Chunky holo fuscia”

We also dyed our Easter eggs today so I have a fun picture I took of us dying.


Here are my Peeps inspired nails

Picture 134Picture 133Picture 131Picture 129Picture 126

So there you have it Peep inspired tips for Easter ❤ Have a good weekend everyone!! 🙂

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NOTD 116 – Hello Kitty

It’s Monday again already.. I swear each weekend just blinks by.

This weekends mani was inspired by some amazing yard art that a friend made for me. She made me this adorable Hello Kitty Flyers fan, and I just ordered a Hello Kitty Easter one too!

I used “Nail Envy”, and then two coats of “Julep – Emma”, once dry I used stamping plate “KD18” with “Orly” what I call Barbie pink. This Orly is so old it’s from when my mom did nails 10+ years ago. I know that some people believe you should throw them out, but why should I, it works and doesn’t stink and hasn’t hardened. Anyway I used the Barbie pink for the stamp and made some polka dots.

Picture 117Picture 116Picture 115Picture 113Picture 109Picture 108


On another note, my little sister is pregnant and is due in about three weeks with a little boy. I don’t think she is going to make it to her due date, either way I will do some special baby boy nails just for her and my new little Godson very shortly. ❤

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31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 31 – Favorite challenge

I am packing for a weekend down the shore, so I will make this quick 🙂 plus this post was already technically done before in detail.

So I asked my viewers what look they wanted recreated for this day and the vote was the nails inspired by fashion. Well, here it is. I did a little twist from my original post, not too much difference. Rather than doing straight diagonal lines, I used my manicure tape pieces and did a half diagonal curved line and on my thumbs a regular curbed manicure tip. Polishes used were “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black” and “Julep – Emma” Enjoy!

P.S. … YAY my nails are getting long again =)

On a side note.. since this was such a short post. I also did my toesies with my new gems. I painted with “Essie Vermillionaire” and a flower stamp with “L’Oreal Violet Vixen” and deep pink gems in the center of the flowers. This was done on my big toe the rest were just plain orange.

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Day 25 Inspired by Fashion – 31Challenge

I will start with an update on my nails, they are growing slowly but surely 🙂 not complete stubs anymore, on another note, I cracked my big toe nail right up the side so the one of those is all short now… ::sigh::

For the Fashion Inspiration, I chose Stella McCartney. I love how she uses a lot of black sheer with black polka dots in her “little black dress” looks. I found a couple of her looks to show you my inspiration, that can be seen by clicking here.

Here is my look :

For this look, I painted the “Julep – Emma” in the morning before work so that it had plenty of time to dry as I planned on using the taping technique. Then last night, I did one nail at a time and topped it off with “Seche Vite’ ” so it dried right away and I could move on without having to worry about smudging it. I put a piece of tape, (actually I use address labels and cut them, same thing), on my nail. I did my pinky and Ring Finger points facing each other and my pointer and middle, facing each other. Once I was done with the tape and black, I used my dotting tools to make different size dots and topped it off with the top coat. All of the nails used the same technique. For my thumb, the only difference was, since I did two angles, I put a little “Seche Vite’ ” over the first diagonal and came back to it, so that I could put tape on it without having to worry about it ripping the black off, and did the other angle, and dots same way.

The Colors I used were, the “nail-aid – Peeling Nail Base Coat”, “Julep – Emma”, and “Blackest Black by Sinful Colors” The top Coat I used was “Seche Vite'”

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My March Julep Box

So my March Julep box came and I’m late posting it, sorry!  It came on Thursday. This month I received:

  • Julep Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is legendary for its healing, conditioning, and anti-aging properties. Use it daily to hydrate and nourish skin, smooth split ends, and soften cuticles. Easily absorbed and lightweight, this powerhouse organic oil is gentle enough for all skin types (including acne-prone). Spring is the perfect time to revitalize your hair and give your skin a youthful, dewy glow from head to toe.
  • Emma Julep Nail Vernis – soft and feminine seashell pink shimmer, so elegant alone or for extra shine over any shade.
  • Kelly Julep Nail Vernis – a blushed white creme, the newest shade in runway neutrals for spring.

As a reminder, Julep is another monthly mystery beauty product delivery. At their website you fill out a Beauty Profile, and each month for $19.99 you get 2-3 polishes and a product that they feel fits your profile. You get a notification about 5 days before it is going to ship if you want to change your box for that month. The nail polishes usually retail for $14. a piece.

So my question for you is:  What Beauty related subscriptions do/have you participated in and do/did you enjoy them?

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