NOTD 55 – Sparkly leopard

It’s Wednesday everyone, we made it this far, now go out and hump everyone!!!! …. No? That’s not what hump day is? Sorry.. lol Anyway, today’s mani is brought to you by “CND – Stickey base coat” , OPI DS – Classic” , “Urban Decay – Barlust” , “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black” , and “SV top coat”. I have been using my “Nail Aid – Peeling Nail Base coat” and I am doing well with the peeling, but then it seems like the manis barely last 2-3 days which is about the time I usually swap out anyway, but they keep chipping. It’s like it’s not keeping the mani on, so I am going to switch up from the CND to the Nail Aid treatment every other mani we shall see…

Step 1: Paint your base coat 2-3 coats (or however many needed) “OPI DS – Classic”

Step 2: Once completely dry, take your leopard spot color “UD – Barlust” and either with the brush in the bottle or a nail art brush, make spots of all sizes, long oval ones, odd-shaped circular ones, big ones small ones, whatever you think.

Step 3: With a toothpick, smash down the tip so you now have a flat toothpick, dip it in your paint “Sinful Colors Black” and make “u’s” and “c’s” around the spots in all different directions, and some random lines in between.

*The good thing about leopard is it’s no set design, the spots are uneven, the outline of the spots are never exact. The best thing to do is to pull up a picture on google images of a leopard print, and use it for a guide when you are doing your spots.

There you have it, now here is my sparkly leopard print:

(outside 7A)

(Inside Car 730A)

(Inside Car 730A)

(Inside with flash 8A)

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