EOTD 31 – Cosmic Browns

I realised that it has been quite some time since I have done a ‘Eye of the Day’ so today I have some fabulous browns for you along with a step by step tutorial 🙂



  • Step 1: (After primer – I use Urban Decay primer potion) Using an angle brush dipped in “Urban Decay’s – Snake Bite” I drew along the crease starting from the outside in and stopped about a quarter of the way from the inside crease.
  • Step 2: Using same brush blend as much as you can into the same area. Apply another coat and continue blending until desired darkness is achieved.
  • Step 3: Using an all over shadow brush and “Urban Decays – Bootycall” I then blended above the crease where my brown is, along the lash line under the brown, and on the inner corner and crease where the brown stopped.
  • Step 4: * If desired* Once you blend the tan and brown together you can go back and add a little bit of the “Snake Bite” in the outer corner to darken up that corner again.
  • Step 5: Apply a thin line of liner, I used “Avon Glimmersticks in Cosmic Brown”
  • Step 6: Topped off with mascara, I used “Urban Decay – Super Curl Curling Mascara”




Stay tuned for this weeks Featured Color Friday, which will be Valentine’s Day themed ❤


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Guest post from Hottie McNaughty

Hey guys & gals,and Merry Christmas Eve! ❤ Today I have a make up post from one of my favorite make up blogs. Her blog is amazing! I love all of the new products she shows that I normally would not have known about. If you don’t already follow Hottie, or haven’t even checked her site out, now is definitely the time!

I went to a Christmas party last night and wanted to dress as an elf.   My elf costume is green and white so I did a warm green and blue combo.  I think it turned out fun and pretty!


Face:  Brazen Defy Gravity primer under Urban Decay NAKED foundation in 1.0.  Finished with custom powder.  MAC concealer in NC15.

Cheeks:  Aromaleigh Corset blush

hottie gp face

Lips:  Makeup Forever liner in 14C under Morgana Cryptoria Glowing Crimson lipstick

hottie gp lips

Eyes:   UDPP under Morgana Cryptoria cream shadow in Medusa’s Magic.   Geek Chic’s Happy Holidays all over lid and blended out with Geek Chic’s The Trickster and Brazen’s Snow Queen under brow on and on inner corner.  Addiction NV;s gel liner in Hell On Heels and one coat of black mascara.  Brazen’s brow powder in Jane.

hottie gp eyes

hottie eyes gp front

hottie gp full

I LOVE it, just like all of her looks this is so soft yet it pops. Just plain gorgeous! Merry Christmas to everyone and be sure to check out her blog!

EOTD 30 – Pomegranate

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Don’t forget to vote for the week three of the Nail Art Challenge, here: and my nails can be found here: Voting ends Wednesday December 12th 5PM PST, I came in 2nd in the first week and 4th in the 2nd week.

Okay, now on to my make up from yesterday 😀 I was wearing a deep Red sweater and my Red bow to match so I did a little red accent on my eyes..

Products used:

“Urban Decay – Primer Potion”

“Coastal Scents – “Pomegranate Red Matte” on my outer middle crease and got smaller as I got into the crease

“Coastal Scents – Ivory Dust Shimmer” on the remainder of the eye with a brush then used my finger to blend

topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Masacara”


PS: This is a big month, I have hit 999 followers, over 20,000 views, almost 200 posts, the holidays are fastly approaching and last but CERTAINLY not least, it’s my birthday month!!! So as a big thank you for all of your support and to show you how awesome I think each and every one of you are, I will be hosting a fabulous giveaway shortly for all of my lovely folowers!

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EOTD 29 – Cobalt cat eye

Happy Monday! I know, oxymoron… :/

Before we get to the make up look, week three of the nail challenge is this week. I should be getting an email later today with this final weeks (before grand prize week) topic. Don’t forget to click here to go vote,(Hopefully for me. 😀 ) for week two. Voting for week two closes Wednesday, December 5th 🙂

Now, for today’s look, I tried something a little different and quite time-consuming… lol. A while back I got these “Eye Rock – eye tattoo” things in one of my Birchbox. Unfortunately most of the reviews of other Birchbox users stated that they didn’t stick, or last all day, which mine did not either.. I had gotten the idea back then and never got a chance to try it until now. Once you take the ‘sticker’ off of the paper you are left with a sort of stencil. I, (not easily) stuck that to each eye and traced inside of it with my liquid liner. Once the ‘stencil’ was removed I had to go back over it and define it more.

Here’s what I used:

“Urban Decay primer potion”

“Eye Rock – eye tattoo” as stencil

“Avon Extra Lasting Eye liner in Cobalt”

“Too Faced – After Glow in Lust” on lid

topped off with “Urban Decay – Super Curl Curling Mascara”



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EOTD 28 – Thanksiving tattoos

No, I did not get a tattoo for Thanksgiving, I wish I got another one.. I used my Maybelline color tattoos for this look.. I hope all of my US friends (or anyone else that celebrated)’s Thanksgiving on Thursday? mine was nice, then exhausting, I went out at 7:30P on Thursday to Walmart, Kmart, and Target, we home and went to bed. Back and out of the house at 7 to Mall.. home around 12 I think it was. My feets were screaming, but I got decent deals. Especially on baby clothes, my sister is due in March and I didn’t even think about that on BF I was just so focused on Christmas presents, I walked by baby stuff and I think I screamed out loud I got such a good deal. Baby clothes need not be so expensive they grow out of them so quickly, so that’s why I was flippin out on my deals <. Anyway I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was nice, and their BF was not too bad if they ventured out.

Onto my Thanksgiving day look.. I wore a not quite Royal but not quite Navy sweater so Iused “Urban Decay – primer potion” then “Bad to the bronze” on the outside corner and made a cat eye and brought into mid eye, to blend with “Tenacious Teal”. topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”.




So what do you guys think of this look?


PLEASE don’t forget to vote (hopefully for me) on the Round 1 of 4 technically, Nail Art contest I entered: click here and view the contestants and if you like mine and want to vote, click Mae’s Beauty Reports as the drop down, after you type your name and email, then click submit. Voting ends tomorrow, vote now! Thank you!!! ❤

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One or the Other Tag

I was tagged by the amazing Girl in the Glasses to do this tag.  If you’ve not checked out her blog already, then I highly recommend you click the link and head on over.

Blush or Bronzer? To be honest I don’t use either, the occasional light pink blush I guess

Lip gloss or Lipstick?  Lip Gloss mostly, sometimes I will put lipstick on before I leave in morning and just re-apply lip gloss the rest of the day.

Chapstick or Lip Butter?  Depends on the season… I use the little blue pot of Blistex during the winter and during the summer I just use glosses.

Matte or Sparkle Eye shadow?    Sparkle and matte, if I had to choose, sparkles all the way 🙂 Always!

Gel, Liquid, Cream or Pencil Liner?   Liquid

Foundation or Concealer?   Concealer and foundation I use concealer under my eyes and the foundation for my face.

Liquid or Powder Foundation? Liquid

Neutral or Statement eye?  Depending on the occasion, I do love my statements, but neutral goes a long way too!

Pressed or Loose shadows? Pressed mostly but I do have some very nice loose.

Waterproof or Non Waterproof? Non-Waterproof

Brushes, Sponges or Fingers? Brush for face and eyes and sometimes finger for eye make up as well.

Powder, Cream or Liquid Highlighters? Liquid

So you may participate or not, I tag anyone that would like to do this post 😀 Have fun!


EOTD 27 – Wedding purples

First I want to show you my gorgeous flower that my husband picked from our garden 😀

Now on to the make up, this was look, we went to a friend’s wedding and I wore my purple dress.

What I used for this look:

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

“Urban Decay – Zephyr”

“Urban Decay – Gravity”

“MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner – Designer Purple”

“Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

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EOTD 25 – brown kohl eye liner

Most of my eye liners are Avon, I do have a few MAC, Urban Decay etc, but I absolutely love my Avon liners! I got a little while ago, a “Kohl eye-liner in brown” for todays look I tried something a little different of a look that I saw on Pinterest. It’s not quite exactly like their looks, theirs are more dramatic in the color contrast and of course better blending, but I am getting there and I think I like this look. :/

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

“Avon Kohl eye-liner in brown”

“e.l.f. tan” on lid inside the liner

“e.l.f. brown shimmer” on top of liner on outer corner

“Urban Decay super curl curling mascara”

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EOTD 24 – gray/black

This will be a quick post today.  this look is my kind of smokey eye look. I am not big on darker colors like blacks, they scare me as far as blending. However I took the plunge and used from my e.l.f. shimmer palette, (so sorry no names) I used a light white/gray and a black shimmer. As always primer was “UD Primer potion” and mascara “UD Super Curl Curling Mascara”

What do you think?

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EOTD 22 – Blues

I hardly ever use blues, I used a light blue, “Coastal Scents Polar Blue” and blended in a little “Coastal Scents Capri Blue” used my silver eye liner to make a cat or winged look. What do you think? I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I guess I just don’t feel like it enhances my eyes in any way like my trusty purples 😀

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

“Coastal Scents in Capri Blue and Polar Blue”

“Avon Metallic eye liner in Shimmering Silver”

“Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”


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EOTD 21 – Greens again!?

Happy Hump Day! 🙂 Yep, you heard it right, more green. I got so much positive feedback (Thank you all so much!!) That I decided to do another green look.

This was:

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

“Coastal Scents – Flourescent (Satin)”

“Coastal Scents – Snow Bunny (Matte)”

“Avon Liquid Eye Liner in Shimmering Silver”

“Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

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EOTD 20 – Fresh Chive

Happy Thursday =)

This look was a little out of my comfort zone with the more bright greens, I am trying to break out in those looks a little more, not anything crazy just a little more color, so let me know what you think! 🙂

This look was created with:

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

“Coastal Scents shadow in Solar Flare (inner corner), Spring Fever (on majority of eyelid, to top), and Fresh Chive (on lid).”

“Mark. On the Edge Hook Up Liquid Liner in Medusa (a deep brown)”

“Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”


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EOTD 19 – Plum Craze

Storybook Apothecary posted a really good post yesterday about some great and free photo editing sites. Now I am not one to alter my pictures entirely, however if I have a cut on my finger, or a red mark on my face, or even just to brighten the photo a little more than my camera can so that you see what I see… I am a total fan of editing. So I used it a little, made the color a little crisper again to make you see what I saw, just a little more advanced than my camera, then I messed around with some cool fonts for my watermark, and then a little blur to put a focus on the picture. I really liked the Pixlr Express, that is the one I used. I cannot wait to try it out in more detail for future posts. 😀 What are your thoughts on photo editing?

For this look I used my new “Avon Metallic liquid eyeliner in Plum Craze” and “Too Faced – After Glow in Lust” topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

So what do you think of this look and the minor editing? Is minor editing okay? What are your thoughts?


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EOTD 18 – Bronzed cut crease

Since my grays didn’t pan out exactly as I wanted, and I still need practice on this look, I decided to try brown/bronzes today.

For the full tutorial on this look check out this post.

This time I used “UD Primer Potion”, “Maybelline 24 hour Color Tattoo eye shadow in “Bad to the Bronze” for the Cut crease and “Urban Decay Bootycall” for the rest. the liner I used was also the Color Tattoo with a liner brush, then topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

So what do you think of this overall look, am I improving? lol

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Avon Liner swatches

I just picked up a few liquid liners from Avon. These are great because the price is excellent ($3.99 – 7.00) and they are super lasting, especially the one!

This is “Avon’s Extra Lasting Eye liner in Cobalt” $4.99

First Impressions of this one, are: I love the color its a fabulous deep Cobalt, royal blue. it dried on my hand super fast while testing. I have not worn it yet so I don’t know the lastability of it yet. It washed off fairly easy with some alcohol wipes I had in my desk.

This next one is: “Avon’s Metallic liquid eye liner in Shimmering Silver” $7.00

First Impressions: I also very much love this color. I don’t have many other similar colors to this. It also dried very quickly and came off with alcohol wipes fairly easy, have not worn to test for wearability.

Next up: “Avon’s Metallic liquid eye liner in plum craze” $7.00 Did you really think that I would buy make up / liners withOUT buying a purple 😀

First Impressions: Basically the same as the Shimmering Silver… the color comes out a little deeper than I expected, will have to see how it pops over purple shadows. 😀

Last up is: “Avon’s Super Extend liquid liner in teal” $3.99

First Impressions: This one is HEAVY duty! This took oil and alcohol wipes for it to come off after scrubbing! I do not have make-up remover at work, after this I might start carrying it!! This stuff is not going anywhere! It dried super fast  and would not budge. the color appears at first glance a teal however during application it appeared to be a little more blue than teal against my eye color.


Overall: I have yet to buy an Avon eye liner I did not love, and I am more than sure these will be no exception. Stay tuned I will be trying these in upcoming looks 😀

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Don’t forget about the giveaway


Hey Followers: Just a reminder about the giveaway ending one week from today on Tuesday July 31st at 12:00 AM EST. Click here for post to see rules and entry options

**PS I also added another entry for followers. I tried to follow Rafflecopters guidelines and totally forgot to add a point for followers. As stated in the rules, this is mandatory so why not give you an extra entry for it. I apologize for the confusion! If you have already entered, you must be a follower so that entry should be cake, go back for your extra entry. If you haven’t already entered, then you have no worries, it will automatically pop up as the “extra” to unlock the remainder of the entries.

Good Luck Everyone!

Attn Bloggers: You CAN get sued for using other peoples photos

Mareli over at Ambra Photography shared a very interesting blog post that originated from Roni Loren’s website.

I try not to use other people’s photos and if and when I ever do (did) I give them credit in the article… not anymore after reading this post. I have updated all my posts that had any other picture to now represent a picture from Microsoft Word, mostly cute clip art.

Read on more for her story here. 

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

I haven’t highlighted an article in a while… I came across this one on Yahoo’s Shine that I thought might be helpful to some:


Article courtesy of Yahoo Shine! and can be found by clicking on Yahoo link. To see full article and pictures follow the link.

Wondering how to accentuate your eyes in a natural-looking way? LancĂ´me’s Sandy Linter, head makeup artist at New York’s Rita Hazan Salon, shows how a neutral smoky eye can work wonders.

Start with an eye shadow base – something that’s tacky so that it holds the shadow” says Linter, who used LancĂ´me Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolour Base in Nude. “If your eyelid is dry you can use a concealer, but if your lid is warm you really do need a base that will pick up moisture and keep your makeup looking smooth”

Choose a Dark Pencil

“When you want to enhance your eyes, you should use a dark liner-navy, charcoal, brown, or black to contrast against the whites of your eye and eye color,” says Linter. “You should also use pencil because it’s easily manipulated.” Linter applied it along the upper lash line in “little dashes,” working from the inner corner of the eye to the outside edge. “The shape should get gradually thicker as you move away from the edge of the nose,” she says.

Perfect Your Eyeliner

After dotting lids with liner, Linter connected the dashes: “A tiny eyeliner brush softens and perfects the line.” She then used a pointed cotton tip to push the line “up and out” at the corners.

Layer Makeup For Longer Wear

For the crease color, Linter lined eye sockets with taupe pencil, a lighter shade than the one used along the lashes. Starting under the brow bone, she extended the line to the outer corners to create a “V” shape. “It’s an old trick that opens up the eyes,” she says. Next, she retraced her steps with gel liner and powder shadow in similar taupe hues using a dome-shaped brush (“layering your makeup makes it last all day and through the night”). To add drama, she winged color up and over the brow bone, toward the end of the eyebrow.

“A neutral smokey eye is all about playing with dark and light,” says Linter, who used the shimmering ivory-pink shade from LancĂ´me’s Color Design palette in Coral Crush on lids. “Having darker tones surround a lighter one gives shape and definition, the light on the eye makes it pop.”

Wear Liner Under Lower Lashes

“A lot of people don’t like using pencil under the eye, but I like it because I think it makes the eye look more finished,” says Linter, who swept LancĂ´me Le Crayon KhĂ´l in Black Coffee, the same liner she used on top-underneath the lashes, softening the line with a cotton swab. Because the inner corners of eyes “tend to get wet,” Linter only placed liner along the outermost portion of the waterline.

Don’t Forget to Curl

“Curled eyelashes make everyone’s eyes look bigger,” says Linter. “Make sure to fully cup the lashes in the curler-pinch close to the roots so that you’re not just bending hairs at the ends.”

Apply Mascara

“Mascara also brings out your eyes. Instead of using the whole wand, I just use the tip, separating lashes as I go,” says Linter “This way, I don’t apply too much mascara at once and lashes don’t get stuck together.”

Mind the (Eyeliner) Gap

When faking a thicket lash line, don’t dispel the illusion. “I can’t stand seeing a space of skin separating the eyeliner from the eyelash,” says Linter. To fill in gaps, she used a small, stiff brush to apply gel eyeliner in hard-to-reach places.

Use Light Concealer

Brighten the eye area by using a sheet, translucent concealer or highlighter around the eye. One to try Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch.

Whiten the Inner Corners

To have a truly eye-opening experience, employ white eyeliner too: “Adding white to the inner corner of the eye makes you look less tired,” says Linter.

Provide Arch Support

“I like when brows bring attention to the eye area in a soft way that’s not too manicured and cosmetic-looking,” says Linter, who adds that, “Natural brows are more innocent. Over-tweezed arches make you appear older.” To have your brows reach “their full potential” Linter suggests brushing them up with a clear brow mascara.

Finish Your Look

Complement your smoldering smokey eyes with a touch of bronzer under the cheekbones for definition, and creamy pink blush on the apples of the cheeks “to make your eyes look lighter,” says Linter. Add rosy lipstick and gloss to your pout and you’re ready to go!

What do you think about this look and tips? Were there any useful tips that you got from this, or any that you know that are not in this article, you can share below?

Guest Blogger 2 – Beat The Heat – Face Primers

Today’s Post is from Courtney at The College Golden Goblet . A blog about a frugal college girl, blogging about a range of topics needed to succeed as a female business student, or better yet a college student in general. She created The College Golden Goblet in October 2011, to share the knowledge that she’d discovered  from various books and websites. She wanted to discuss the things in “college life” that are essential, so that every female business student around the world can become successful. Her blog is not just for the female college business student, you can find all kinds of helpful and interesting articles there. Check it out 😀

Hi girls,

Looking hot, sticky, sweaty, and having a makeup meltdown? Nothing is worse than having a makeup faux pas on a hot summer day; so make your makeup last all day even through the high heat, humidity, pool, summer sun, and ocean water by using a facial primer.

Primers are applied to your face in small amounts before your makeup to prevent your skin from becoming shiny throughout the day. They also help control oily skin problems and help your makeup stay put all day.

Using a primer along with a setting spray will help ensure that your face stays looking like a work of art and not like a wet shark!

So keep your face flawless by using a primer, here are a few faves below: (click on “Primers” link below or Sephora link)

EOTD 16 – Purple Smokey Cat eye

Yea, Yea I know more purples… Well I have green eyes and every time I wear my purples, I get compliments that it goes so well with my eyes. I also happen to LOVE purple as you can tell I am also wearing a purple (Alice) shirt too 😀

I would now like to right off the bat, apologize for my brows. I am trying to let them grow in a bit so there are a lot of strays at the moment 😦

I am not really sure if this works by definition of a smokey eye but that is what I am calling it.

For this look I used:

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

“e.l.f. Pink Ice” under brow as highlight and on inner corner

“e.l.f. Wisteria” on remainder of untouched eye lid

“Inglot Matte Shadow – color 320” as the smoke cat eye

Topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”


“Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Sex Pot”

Oh I almost forgot, I started to POUR as soon as I woke up to get ready this morning and It is also going to be 100… yes 100 today so needless to say my mop is up in a clip so please excuse that hot mess as well, That is all 🙂


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