EOTD 8 – e.l.f. purple “Avon” look

I got the inspiration for this look in the Avon Book. I think it was the Campaign just before the most recent one. There was a girl in there with deep purples and a Navy to Royal Blue Eye Liner. Something about the purples and the blue eye liner really popped to me, she also had green eyes, like myself. A Friend pointed out a few looks and this one was just one I had to try!

I didn’t use as deep of purples as she did, but I still like the way it came out. I used the Bright Eye Edition Palette from e.l.f.  and they do not have names to their eye shadows. I used the white from another e.l.f. eye palette, and the lighter and darker purple from this palette. The purples blended together so much as there is apparently not as much of a contrast as I thought, so it’s hard to tell that I used two purples 😀 .

I used:

“UD Primer Potion”

“e.l.f. white” on the brow bone and inner corner lid

“e.l.f. light purple from Bright Eye Edition Palette” on the brow bone and inner to middle lid

“e.l.f. darker purple from Bright Eye Edition Palette” on the middle to outer lid.

Topped off with “Avon Glimmer Sticks in Twilight Sparkle”


“Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

This last one I took I was in weird lighting, and then the flash… I think it came out so cool, doesn’t show the look really, just thought the coloring and the way my eye came out was awesome so I wanted to share this last one as well 😀

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