you-nique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash Review


*These Strips were sent to me for my unbiased review*

Although this is my sister that sent this to me to review she sent it to me knowing I would give my honest review either way, even if she is family. I spend a lot of time researching the best make up so that I don’t buy crap and waste my money. As always I can assure you that this is my unbiased and 100% honest review. 

I had ordered the Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes I guess about a year ago now through a friend that was having an online party.  I am a sucker for mascara and I will try anything that says it gives you longer or fuller lashes. Mine are naturally longer just very blond, I love to make my lashes appear fuller and longer without looking fake so I figured let me try this.

The old formula was very messy to say the least. I also was kind of skeptical when the old instructions stated for me to spend almost $30 to then still have to use my own mascara as the base… uh what? IMG_7566

The old instructions were as follows:

  1. Use your mascara
  2. Once dry, apply the Transplanting gel
  3. While still wet apply the fiber lashes
  4. Seal in by applying the transplanting gel again

Not too many steps but still a pain in neck. I’m not gonna lie, I am getting a little older so my beauty routine consists of more than it used to.. I now need concealer for under my eyes for the bags and dark circles, more and more red spots or acne spots, pore concealer for the lines and more visible pores. Using my already $20 mascara then a gel then the fiber lashes then the gel once dry was just too much. I never ended up using it every day. It got used a couple of times and then stayed in my drawer.  It also didn’t help that the case was enormous and hard to keep in my make up bag

All in all my review of the old process, packaging, and formula is as follows:


-Does make lashes appear longer and fuller


-Time consuming, too many steps

-Messy – I would have fibers fall out on my cheeks while I was applying and later once I blinked throughout the day with them falling off

-Large packaging – not easy to transport with other make up

-Price, too pricey for me to justify if I also have to use my own mascara.

Now, for the NEW formula and NEW packaging!


This packaging as you can tell is much smaller, the bottles are slightly longer however now they come in this nice pouch instead of an almost eye glass case, making it much easier to transport. Let’s see how the new formula matches up..

My first impression already is that I am much more excited to try these, I love the bottles, I love the smaller bag to travel. I especially love that there is a window to see the product and how much is left! Why didn’t other companies think of this!!

The instructions for the new formula are slightly less annoying and less steps

  1. Apply the transplanting gel
  2. Apply the fiber lashes
  3. Seal again by applying the transplanting gel

Although this is only one less step, it already makes me feel more at ease, if it works because I don’t have to use my own mascara. This product could essentially replace my mascara. Let’s see how it does put to the test.

This is me without mascara


Again, without mascara IMG_7592

I then applied one coat of the 3D fiber lashes. Transplanting gel, lashes, then gel again. One eye at a time


Close upIMG_7596

You can already see the fullness that it gives

Here is two coats- Transplanting gel – lashes – transplanting gel – let dry – process once more


You can see the slight increase in length and fullness

Here’s the close up


I think that the two coat is more for an evening look or a special event, not time worthy to attempt every day… unless of course you have that kind of time then by all means.. lol

Finally, for a glasses wearer there is nothing worse than doing your make up only for you not to be able to see it through the glasses, that is such an annoyance. I am happy to report that the lashes are full and long still through the frames!



Again there was not a huge huge difference in the one to two coats so I am more than certain that with the one coat the lashes would still appear just as long and as full with one coat for us glasses wearers.

Here is a reference of what regular mascara does for my lashes now that you have seen the 3D Fiber lashes

This is an older picture (hence my old watermark) but still the same mascara I wear today 


As you can see they appear long but not necessarily full at all

Here is a collage of all of the looks


Overall my review of the new and improved younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber lashes is as follows:


-Less time needed – by this mascara replacing your mascara rather than being an added step

-More cost effective again not having to use your own mascara first

         -Could potentially replace your mascara altogether

-Smaller case making easier to transport

-Much less messy, I didn’t have any fibers fall on my cheeks as I did with the old formula (both immediately and later on in the day)

-The windows on the bottle allow you to see how much you are using and know when it’s empty not like most beauty products.

-Pictures prove makes your lashes truly longer and fuller


Honestly I don’t think there are any with the new formula. I was very happy with it

The new formula can be purchased for $29 or if you have an online or in house party you could earn it for free! (See below for Party info)

My sister sells through her website at or you can message her on facebook to be added to her facebook group. On her page she does make up videos and tutorials provides up to date info on the newest products. She reviews and posts the products so you can see them first hand before purchasing. Be sure to tell her you found her site through Mae’s Beauty 😉

Their improved website makes it easier to track your party points and know how much free product you have earned towards your 3D Fiber Lashes or the long list of other make up and beauty products they sell. Regardless of your area* (check out their shipping page) if you are interested in having an online party message Marissa and she will help you to earn points toward whatever make up it is that you desire from their site even if this mascara isn’t for you!

younique I hope you enjoyed my review of these lashes. I am much more excited to use these every day rather than my mascara especially seeing how it matches up next to one another. Please do check out her site to see the other products that younique has to offer.

EOTD 31 – Cosmic Browns

I realised that it has been quite some time since I have done a ‘Eye of the Day’ so today I have some fabulous browns for you along with a step by step tutorial 🙂



  • Step 1: (After primer – I use Urban Decay primer potion) Using an angle brush dipped in “Urban Decay’s – Snake Bite” I drew along the crease starting from the outside in and stopped about a quarter of the way from the inside crease.
  • Step 2: Using same brush blend as much as you can into the same area. Apply another coat and continue blending until desired darkness is achieved.
  • Step 3: Using an all over shadow brush and “Urban Decays – Bootycall” I then blended above the crease where my brown is, along the lash line under the brown, and on the inner corner and crease where the brown stopped.
  • Step 4: * If desired* Once you blend the tan and brown together you can go back and add a little bit of the “Snake Bite” in the outer corner to darken up that corner again.
  • Step 5: Apply a thin line of liner, I used “Avon Glimmersticks in Cosmic Brown”
  • Step 6: Topped off with mascara, I used “Urban Decay – Super Curl Curling Mascara”




Stay tuned for this weeks Featured Color Friday, which will be Valentine’s Day themed ❤


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EOTD 30 – Pomegranate

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Don’t forget to vote for the week three of the Nail Art Challenge, here: and my nails can be found here: Voting ends Wednesday December 12th 5PM PST, I came in 2nd in the first week and 4th in the 2nd week.

Okay, now on to my make up from yesterday 😀 I was wearing a deep Red sweater and my Red bow to match so I did a little red accent on my eyes..

Products used:

“Urban Decay – Primer Potion”

“Coastal Scents – “Pomegranate Red Matte” on my outer middle crease and got smaller as I got into the crease

“Coastal Scents – Ivory Dust Shimmer” on the remainder of the eye with a brush then used my finger to blend

topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Masacara”


PS: This is a big month, I have hit 999 followers, over 20,000 views, almost 200 posts, the holidays are fastly approaching and last but CERTAINLY not least, it’s my birthday month!!! So as a big thank you for all of your support and to show you how awesome I think each and every one of you are, I will be hosting a fabulous giveaway shortly for all of my lovely folowers!

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EOTD – 26 BCA makeup

My grandmother is a Breast Cancer Survivor, I have always tried to support and raise more Awareness whenever I can. My mother-in-law and I participated in the 2day, 39.3 mile, Avon Breast Cancer Walk in NYC last October, I have done the small 5k walks, I buy just about everything that says they donate a percentage of the profit to BC Awareness… of course this year is no different. I have worn my Breast Cancer Pin every day this month so far and will continue throughout the month.

My work is participating in a 5k walk at the end of the month and each Friday we are wearing Pink for Casual Fridays. Along with my pin, I wore a Pink button down shirt with my jeans, my pink Breast Cancer sneaks that I got for the walk last year, both of my pink rings, my pink rose earrings, a pink hair clip and of course the pink makeup that I am about to show you

*This is not an every day look for me, in fact if you look back at most of my EOTD posts they are all more subtle, this is the boldest I have done yet and I agree not very work appropriate for every day, however it is BCA Day at my work. My husband seems to think it’s too much…. :/ pff

ANYWAY, I used:

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

Step 1: After primer is dry, used my “MAC eyeliner” to draw a cat eye and color in. Extend the top line of the cat eye about halfway to middle of eye in crease (similar to my last kohl eye liner look)

Step 2: Using “Coastal Scents – Vibrant Pink” which matches the eye liner, I took a small brush and covered the liner and blended

Step 3: Dab some “Coastal Scents – Pompano Pink” I put starting at the outer crease of my eye to mid and blended the two pinks.

Step 4: “Coastal Scents – Love Light” on inner corner to mid and blend those pinks so it’s a gradient pink look.

Step 5: Take same “MAC eye liner” and make a line on lower and upper lash line about 3/4 way in and blend with liner brush

Topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

So what do you think, do I look like “Mimi from the Drew Carey show”? 😦

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New hair :)

I got my hair done today, I got some highlights and lowlights to freshen me up for the Fall. I also decided to get my hair cut in a such a way that is again out of my comfort zone and I think that I am happy with the results.. I certainly and absolutely love the color! ❤ What do you guys think?





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EOTD 17 – Gray Cut crease

My friend Monique is a makeup artist. We hung out on Saturday night and just talked makeup, nails, about other makeup/nail blogs for hours and we had such a blast! She taught me a new look that I could try out which she called the cut crease. I tried it that night, so this is my second attempt you will have to let me know how I did. I do know that I blended more than I probably should have for this to be called a real cut crease, so you be the judge.

You will need an eye liner that is pretty creamy, that will glide on easily and will be easy to smudge and blend in. An eye shadow that is pretty close to that color if not a perfect match, and a more drastic lighter color for the lid and under brow. Then a liner either matching the first liner, or something again very similar.

Step 1: With your eye open, take the creamy like eye liner and trace a line a few hairs above your open crease, as well as a straight line down from that to the corner of your eye. Only go in about a third of the way, you can smudge it further later.

Step 2: With a blending brush, blend the liner in a soft and somewhat circular motion and upward. This will keep the liner and shadow away from the crease to give it that defined look.

Step 3: Repeat Step 1-2

Step 4: Dab your matching shadow over that area and blend in again upward.

Step 5: Take your lighter shadow, (white shown here) and apply to the lid and under the brow

Step 6: Line your eyes

Step 7: Mascara and go back to blend and perfect any lines or smudges you want to.

Here is my final look. I am not a big fan of grays on my eyes and as I said I think that I blended more than I probably should have for a cut crease- It’s supposed to be more dramatic. What do you think?

The “UD Primer potion” was used first, then the liner  was “Urban Decay 24/7 Double ended Glide-on eye liner in Uzi”, the shadow was a white no name by Ulta (this was part of a make up set I had gotten as a gift, so just a standard white), and the liner for the crease the name escapes me, if you really would like to know, please stop back later,  I will update tonight because I left the name at home. Of course mascara is Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara.



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EOTD 16- Purple (and new purchases) :)

I ordered a pair of Red suede wedges from Amazon on the 6th and they finally came!



The other new thing that I picked up was a “glitter Milani Eye Liner”. I went to look for the new Marker like liners that they have, but all they had, was black and I don’t usually use black. I ended up with their new Glitter Retractable Eye Liner in “Purple Quartz” that has a built-in sharpener and blender. Yep that’s right!


And now on to the look of the day, I used:

“e.l.f. Mineral infused face primer in clear”

“Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation”

“e.l.f. Studio Make Up mist and Set”

“UD Primer Potion”

“Inglot AMC Eye Shadow Shine 29”

“Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour in 20 Painted Purple”

“Milani Glitter Eye Liner in Purple Quartz”

“UD Super Curl Curling Mascara”

“e.l.f. lip color in Classy”





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EOTD 15 – more purples :D

Today’s look is brought to you using:

“Urban Decay Primer Potion”

“Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV – Baked” as a liner on lower lash line

“Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV – Skimp” under brow line as a highlight and on inner corner

“Girlactik Beauty Star Shadow in Haute” on remainder of uncovered lid

“e.l.f. pigment eye shadow in Passionate Purple” from middle to outer lid

“Avon Glimmersticks liner in Sugar Plum” for top liner

“Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

For lips:

“Jouer lip gloss sample in Birchbox Pink”


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EOTD 9 & 10

I forgot to post this EOTD the other day so I will just add it to todays:

For EOTD 9 I used:

“UD Primer Potion”

“UD Book of Shadows IV – Midnight Cowgirl” on entire lid

“UD Book of Shadows IV – Missionary” on outer lid

“Avon Glimmersticks in Sugar Plum”

“UD Book of Shadows – Baked” on lower lash line as an under eye liner

Topped off with “UD Super Curl Curling Mascara”

For EOTD 10 I used:

“UD Primer Potion”

“UD Book of Shadows IV – Zephyr” on the inner corner and as a highlight under brow, into the brow bone and on the inner corner lid

“UD  Book of Shadows IV – Baked” on inner lid to middle, as well as on lower lash line as an under eye liner

“UD Book of Shadows IV – Midnight Rodeo” on outer lid to middle

“Avon Glimmerstick  in Twilight Sparkle”

Topped off with “UD Super Curl Curling Mascara”

Lips – “Jemma Kidd 06 in Retro”

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