The Lacquer Ring – Supernatural

We’re back this time with Sib’s pick of a Supernatural theme which includes Mythological creatures such as mermaids, dragons, etc.  As soon as she said Supernatural she reminded me of the ones I did way back when during the Nail Challenge that I absolutely loved, so I brought those back too 🙂


For today, I chose dragon scales. I used OPI’s Green on the Runway as the base. It’s got a gorgeous like green to brownish almost color changing to it which was perfect. Then I stamped the scales using a mixture of Cirque’s Erda and OPI’s OPI with a nice Fin-nish.

I tried to capture the color changing as best as I could.

IMG_7097 IMG_7096 IMG_7095

So there you have it. That’s my Supernatural look. What do you think of when you think of Supernatural or Mythological?



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The Lacquer Ring – Tribal

As promised, we are back this time with my pick for the nail art theme and I chose Tribal. I had done tribal nails a few years ago when I first started my blog and did those free hand with all kinds of crazy fun colors so this time I went for a little less bold more simplistic.

Here are my nails when I did the 31 day nail art challenge


collageI went with Ulta’s Concrete Evidence as my base and stamped my MoYou plate on top using Sinful Colors Black and I accented some dots using Nubar’s Lustful Red.


You will notice I have nubs again!!! 😦 My nails were just getting long and I slammed my finger pointing straight toward the wall… (yea don’t ask, I’m clumsy) and my ring finger broke! I hate different lengths so I had to trim them all. Once they start to grow back though I think I am going to stick with the rounded look for now. 🙂

Well there you have it, here is my Tribal look, what did you think? Don’t forget to check out the other #TLR girls for their take on tribal.


Stamping Saturday – Aruba Diamonds

Sorry I’m late in posting again guys!! I met up with Frosso from Lacquer me Silly and Amy from The Fancy Side today for a little girls day out in NYC. We tore it up with some Cirque polishes which I can’t wait to show you!



Today I have a mani using Darling Divas Diamond holo and stamped with a MoYou stamp using Aruba Blue. I don’t have too many pics as I only got to take a little before I left and it chipped already :/

IMG_3379Don’t forget to check out the other girls Stamping Saturday looks!

Ill be back this week with some of my new polishes to show you! 🙂

Stamping Saturdays – A Sailors Oasis

I know I am late the rest of the girls have their SS looks up already, but I'm here, I have mine!! Busy, but awesome day today!

I did two coats of Essie’s Find me an Oasis and then stamped Orly’s Sweet Peacock using my new MoYou plates. I used The Sailor Collection plate 7. 🙂

I absolutely love how light and springy Find me an Oasis is, the metallicy blue of Sweet Peacock just pops on top of it, its pretty amazing… lolPicture 142


Picture 141


Picture 137


Well there you have it, here’s my Stamping Saturday look for this week. Don’t forget to check out the other girls below…



Quick NOTD

I was able to schedule my Stamping Saturday look before my trip but didn’t have time to do Textured Tuesday this week. 😦 Don’t forget to check out Amy’s blog for everyone elses look.

I did these nails at my sister’s I used Essie’s no prenup as a base, one coat. Then I painted free hand the diagonal blue shape using Salon Perfect Baby Blues. Once fully dry I stamped the fish net design over the blue only using Sinful Colors Blackest Black, finally outlined it with the same black free-handed with a nail art brush.

I tried to get more pictures with my camera once I got home since this was taken with my phone, but it chipped just as I was going to, and I don’t have this blue 😦


Here are a few pics of my nephew Thomas!

This is the Thomas the Tank Engine hat I got him for his Birthday. He was finally keeping it on here.


Here’s his Awesome Auntie outfit 🙂


And this pic was taken as soon as I got there 🙂


So I did manage to, well my B-I-L and I managed to actually surprise my sister! 🙂 I had such a nice time spending it with the three of them even if only for a few days.

Until next time… 🙂


NOTD 165 – Featured Color Friday – Flowery Zara

It’s Friday again woohoo! I feel like I have no time any more for my nails and the blog.. whomp whomp!

I got another package from The Born Pretty store with some goodies to review for you. Today I have some flowery nail art stickers atop two coats of ‘Zoya -Zara’. I am not sure how I feel about this purple, I like it on one token for the gold shimmer to it yet don’t like it on the other hand for the same reason…

These nail art stickers were sent to me to review for my unbiased review

Picture 106

Picture 108

These stickers can be found on the Born Pretty Store for $4.73 and it comes with 10 sheets of variety stickers.

The stickers come off easily and stick well, I used Seche Vite on top of them and they did not shrink or get funny like some nail art stickers do. I really like how they have a little bit of 3D-ness to them but it’s barely noticeable with top coat as you all know I am not a fan of 3D it drives me nuts!

I wore these nails for the normal few days and the stickers lasted well, they did not lift or chip off.

The Born Pretty store has all your nail art needs with much more. They have beauty products, jewelry, nail polish, etc. They also ship Worldwide!

Don’t forget The Born Pretty store gave me a coupon to share exclusively with Mae’s Beauty followers. The coupon is good for 10% off and free shipping. Click the link below to be brought to their store; Remember to use the exclusive coupon code of ‘ZYL91′ in the checkout for your special discount. (It’s also on the side bar of the blog)


Alright guys, Have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend!

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NOTD 161 – Featured Color Friday – Prism

Well guys, time for another Featured Color Friday!

This week I am featuring “China Glaze – Prism” along with “NY&Co. – Oceanic”

I painted two coats of Prism on all nails except my pointer, which I painted two coats of Oceanic on topped with Seche. The glitter fingers I then did a stamp using Oceanic and my ‘Pueen25’ stamp. This look is so sparkly under the stamp and it was hard to really capture that. :/

Picture 120

Picture 119

Picture 116Picture 107Picture 110

That’s it for my nails, quick post today.. 🙂 Lastly, I will leave you with this cute little bugger I saw on my Butterfly bush the other day…

Picture 106

It’s a Hummingbird Bee… yes that’s right. a Hummingbird Bee! It’s wings were like butterfly wings, yet moved so fast like a Hummingbird and he had a big fat bee body! Craziness!

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NOTD 134 – Featured Color Friday – Girly

It’s the weekend! Woot! Although, I don’t know why I am so excited my weekends tend to blink by :/ At least today is nice and sunny for once, all week was rainy or cloudy. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain all day again but then nice for Mother’s Day!

I don’t have a lot of Revlons not because I don’t like the company just because I happen to prefer other companies to it. When I look at Revlons I usually have colors so similar to them from other brands, I just tend not to bother. Well, this was different! I picked up “Girly by Revlon” last week and this was different from most of what I have for once!

“Girly” It’s a creamy Pink with light pink, fuscia, and purple hexagonal shapes in it. I read some reviews and some had some trouble with it. Luckily I did not! Some had troubles with it drying out while applying, or drying to an ugly pink. When I applied, I did about 3-4 light coats and it dried just as it looked in the bottle! woohoo 😀

This first pic is indoors with no flash


The next two are indoors with flash



Such a fun color, and I think girly is the perfect name for it! ❤

Alright guys, that’s it for now, I have a weekend full of hopefully some IronMan watching, making cupcakes, making a cake for my husbands birthday, and then blink, back to work. 😦 Hope everyone has a nice weekend and Mother’s Day!

I’ll be back Monday with some surprise and fun nail art for you guys! 🙂 ALSO: If I follow your blog, be prepared to be comment/like bombed by me today 😀 I am about 600 emails behind and back to as far as almost a month ago… ::sigh::


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NOTD 106-Featured Color Friday – Charla

Yay! It’s Friday! As promised, I have one of the other Zoyas to share with you, “Charla” I don’t have much to say today, so I will just right on to the gorgeous polish 😀


This next one is kind of blurry but I just loved how sparkly and shimmery it looked 🙂


Well guys, that’s it for me today, quick post 😀 lots of pics. I did pick up “OPI’s Nail Envy” yesterday after multiple suggestions, I used it for this mani and will continue, I will do a full report in a few weeks of how it’s worked for me.

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NOTD 104/105 – Fail Storm

As most of you saw the first week of January, Zoya hosted this amazing sale! Get three Zoya colors for only the shipping of $10.00 It seems like forever ago…. I just got mine after impatiently waiting! LOL One of the colors I wanted is of course a very popular color and was backordered. The polishes arrived today and just in time too!

Yesterday, I painted a design with “Deborah Lippmann – Strange Love” as the base, I then used some nail art tape and made some designs using “Zoya – Kissy” I didn’t like the contrast, it was way too close and you couldn’t see Strange Love in between. I took “Milani – nail art in silver glitter” and painted some stripes to frame it off. I didn’t HATE it, but I certainly didn’t love it. After one day, my polish all started to chip off so of course, I then hated it. I did not have this problem with “New Flesh” so I am not sure if it’s my base coat or “strange love”.

In any event here is one crappy picture of, the one day mani ,as I was not able to take pics with my lightbox before it chipped.

Picture 1011116

Okay so now onto the best part 😀

So my 3 Zoya’s I got were, “Storm”, “Charla”, and “Suri”. Since “Storm” is so sought after of course I had to try that one first. I will pick one of the others for this weeks ‘Featured Color Friday’

Here I am holding “Charla”

Picture 1111109

Picture 1111110Picture 1111107Picture 1011118

Picture 111115

Isn’t this color fabulous!!!!

So back to the base coat, I will leave you off with a question: What base coat does everyone use? I have been using nailtiques or Nailtek to help with the chipping and peeling but it doesn’t seem to keep the polish on. Other base coats I was using kept the polish on but my nails were cracking and peeling. So tell me what you use 🙂 I think I need to switch it up a bit here..

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NOTD 99 – Featured Color ‘Black Friday’

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Featured Color Friday. Each Friday I will feature a color that I have yet to on the blog. Then new links will be added to my “Current Polish collection” page until all are filled.

These were my New Years Day nails. I painted one coat of “China Glaze – Liquid Leather” and topped with two coats of “Lush Lacquer – Black Friday” and “Seche Vite”

I absolutely love the colors and shapes and the design, and everything about the polish. It however is a glitter topper that you have to maneuver and manipulate on your nails so it lays where you want it to sometimes. ( if you are OCD like me) 😀


Still trying to get the lighting just right with my new light box, but I definitely see some improvements. Sorry about the blurriness around some nails, I had minor black polish marks before clean up that I tried to blur out. I wanted to take the pictures last night before Seche shrinked the look, and of course I did all that, and it didn’t shrink… 😦 I should be happy I know but I sat there and edited all the pictures. now I am using them hahaha

So what do you think of this polish and my new pictures?

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NOTD 86 – Gettin’ Cheeky

I know, I know, it’s been a while again.. 😦 well I have gotten some fabulous things in the past few days to tell you about!! My mama went to Amazon and ordered me the new Cheeky plate set, that came in the other day… I picked up the Color Club Pop Color set at Ross for $7.99!!! and My glequins came in from Ebay, woohoo!

This mani started out disastrous, it was one of those manis like, “why do I keep adding things” but I ended up liking it! 😀 I used “OPI – Russian Navy” which is a gorgeous deep blue, with I think, hints of a deep purple.Wwith this color, I feel like you need two coats but when you do two coats it looks super dark and not as much depth to it. I then used “Essie’s – Blue Rhapsody” as my stamping color which I think brings out a lot more of “Russian Navy’s” vibrance. The place I used was Cheeky plate “CH52” with my blue glequins that matched “Blue Rhapsody” almost perfectly!

Step 1: Base Coat

Step 2: Two coats of “Russian Navy”

Step 3: Once FULLY dry, Stamp Cheeky Plate CH52 onto all nails.

Step 4: Paint a diagonal french effect with either a brush or the brush from the polish bottle of Russian Navy (one nail)

Step 5: While Russian Navy is still somewhat dry, using a brush,(toothpick, whatever you want to grab with) dip into clear polish and pick up glequin. Place desired amount of glequins, in desired pattern; I followed the diagonal tip.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for remainder of nails

Step 7: Top coat.

Here is the finished look




So what do you think?


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