The Lacquer Ring Turns 1 – Baby Blue

Can you believe it! We have been doing The Lacquer Ring for one year already! Our very first post was our special polish Nicole got for us collab with Unicorn Bubbles. From there, we took off with each of us picking a color collab and a nail art theme collab.

This month’s pick was Lesley and she chose baby blue. My nails are atrocious right now! My brother in law and future sister in law and their two kids and possibly dog are all moving in for a while in less than two weeks now. I have been cleaning and organizing to make room for them. To say the least my hands and nails have taken a beating ūüė¶

Luckly! I already had this gem (along with many others ūüė¶ ) in my folder to post so it worked out perfect. This is Delush Polish’s Springing in the Rain. It’s a sky blue crelly filled with sprinkles of white and fuchsia glitters that remind you sunny days are ahead! (taken from Delush’s website)





So what do you think? I find it funny only because to me this is such a spring color and we are having nothing of the sort here on the East Coast. Today will be going up to 90, that’s not normal for our Spring.. smh How is the weather in your parts of the world? And how are you feeling this springy blue?

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TLR gang’s looks. Oh and I almost forgot, we are cooking up some surprises for you this year in our upcoming TLR year, keep an eye out ūüėČ

Spectral Zombie nubs

Happy_Halloween_by_Akebashi_chanHappy Halloween everyone!

I have two different Halloween manis for you today. One from last week and one that I am wearing with my currently nubly state. ūüė¶¬† My ring finger nail broke I slammed it on the door and I absolutely hate such different lengths of nails. This happened at work and I was impatient and ripped my nails off rather than cutting, I know, I know SOO bad. so by the time I filed them so they weren’t all jagged they were like soo short ūüė¶ I hate them right now.

First up is Spectral Pup by Dollish Polish. I have been wanting this polish for soooo long and I finally found it! I put it over two coats of Spa Ritual’s HiJinks.

Spectral Pup is an orange and white glitter in a shimmery base that glows in the dark! I totally freaked myself out with this.. I had forgotten about the glow in the dark and one night I was up on my way to the bathroom and my thumb was glowing scared the crap out of me.. SMH. Then I looked on table and saw whole bottle was glowing… oh yea! Duh.

IMG_7153IMG_7150I love how this looks so different overtop so many different polishes. Thats part of what I love so much about glitter toppers. ūüôā

Next up is more Dollish Polish, this is Zombie Flesh and Walker Bait.


I don’t know much about it, but I am wondering if there are two different formulas since she brought Zombie Flesh back. From me looking at swatches most seem to be a more kahki army like olive green and mine is more of a brighter green. It’s a green jelly with black, gold, and green glitter flecks. Took 3 coats to be opaque.

Then Walker Bait is this gorgeous deep rich olive green holo. What more can I say about that, I mean it’s stunning.

I just wish that my nails were not nubs and were longer. I feel that it shows gorgeous polishes so much better that way when they aren’t nubs. Sorry guys They are already getting longer again.

Well there you have it. Here are my Halloween Manis.

What is everyone being for Halloween?

NOTD – Anna Royale

I don’t know about you, but I feel like every time I have a day off my week seems to pass slower, my work was closed Monday for the Holiday and today feels like it should be Saturday already!

Today I have for you some more holo¬†goodness! These two are my new beautiful blues I picked up from Darling Diva, one is Anna (glitter)¬†and the other Royale¬†(holo). Both of the formulas were great, In fact Anna, the glitter I was more surprised about. Most glitters you need a base coat, or at least I do, because I don’t like to see my natural nail under it. Although this suspended in a very light blue almost clear base, it covered really nicely with only 2 thicker coats.

Picture 159

Picture 155

Picture 153

Picture 152

If you haven’t checked out Darling Diva polishes yet, now is the time! I have never gotten a polish that I didn’t love and love the formula. ūüôā

Well that’s it for me today, quick post for you. Don’t forget about the Blog Sale, I’ll be back Saturday for Stamping Saturday! ūüėÄ


NOTD – Texture polish!!!

You read the title right, I bought some texture polish! I know I know… I have said many times before how I hate texture polishes, it drives me nuts, or would drive me nuts because I refused to buy it, however… I caved and tried it. I bought OPI Alcatraz Rocks, Let Me Go, and Magazine Cover Mouse!

I decided to try Magazine Cover Mouse first for this next Valentine’s Day look, alongside two coats of Zoya’s Barbie topped with OPI’s Minnie Style.

Picture 275

Picture 276O

Picture 278

As much as I resisted the texture, this one wasn’t so bad. From what I gather from the rest of you ladies that were braver than I some are more textured than others, and for me this one was perfect, it hasn’t bothered me at all! I love it actually!


NOTD – Snow Much Fun

So the Wonderful State of New Jersey… really the East Coast is expecting another whopper of a Snow Storm today in to tomorrow… and when I say whopper I mean 8-10 or 10+ inches… or at least that’s what the weather people are saying. I hate watching the news with these types of things because each channel has a different ‘prediction’ one says 4-6 inches, one says 12+ inches, one says 8-10.. one channel says it’s going to start at Noon, another at 4, it’s just insanity.

I thought that (2c) KB Shimmer’s Snow Much Fun would be perfect for this occasion. I paired it overtop¬†2 thin coats of¬†Revlon’s Coastal Surf.

Picture 210

Picture 212

Picture 213

Picture 217

So this gorgeous polish was a little gift from my Almost Birthday Twin¬†Frosso! It’s jelly-like so that is why I paired it overtop Coastal Surf which was just about as perfect of a match as I think possible. It’s got all kinds of fun, glittery specs and even some snowflakes! The formula was really easy to work with, you did however have to really did for the snowflakes, at least in my bottle. How could you not love this polish though!

Well… As this is posting, the snow has already begun, and they said 1-2 inches per hour, so I will most likely be snowed in tomorrow! Woohoo Snow Day! (Hopefully!)

NOTD 158 – Featured Color Friday – Katherine

Happy Friday! We made it to another Friday! woohoo!

Today I have for you the last Shimmer girl I have been telling you guys about, ‘Katherine’. This the perfect Fall color. Painting Katherine totally gets me ready, I am just waiting for Fall and Halloween now! Bring it on I cannot wait! That is my favorite time of the year anyway so I am always wishing for it to come early ūüôā

*This polish was sent to me for unbiased review.

‘Katherine’ is a gorgeous bronze glitter that also has some sparse specs of brown.

Pic00ture 108Pictu00re 110

For this look, I topped two coats of ‘Katherine’ overtop two coats of ‘Sally Hansen’s – Forbidden Fudge’

Pictu00re 109

I then did a very subtle stamping look; you can see it better in some pictures¬†than others.¬†I stamped a snake skin¬†pattern on my pinky using stamp ‘Wistonia¬†w101’ and ‘Essie -Penny¬†Talk’. I then stamped the animal paw print on top of that using ‘ Sally Hansen – Forbidden Fudge’.

Pictur00e 106pict00ure 112Pict00ure 111

Don’t forget:

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And most importantly, where you can buy these pretties, on the Etsy website

I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend!

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NOTD 131 – Featured Color Friday – Winter is Coming

Well guys, I am back this week with an all new Featured Color Friday for those of you that missed this last week!

A while back, I had gotten Jessica over at Once Upon a Polish¬†“Smitten Polish – Winter is Coming” The polish is named and based after the HBO Series, Game of Thrones (and books of course); A show in which we share a similar love for <3. This gorgeous creamy jellie¬†also has bright blue like¬†royal/cobalt hexagonal glequins, along with teenie white and baby blue glitter mixed in. Once I saw Jessica do a swatch of this, I knew I too, had to have it!




For sure this polish quickly climbed its way to the top of my list of favorite polishes! Just gorgeous! I painted 2-3 coats on each nail. The creaminess¬†to the Jellie¬†definitely¬†helped with non-noticeable nail lines unlike¬†“Pink Lemonade II” that I just did, where I had to use ‘underwear’. So far, I am loving both of the Smittens that I have tried and can’t wait to go back and order more! ūüôā

Have a good weekend everyone!