NOTD 63 – Mystery

Last night, we went to see ParaNorman. It was so cute, and funny; it took a turn for the more serious and moral to the story if you will, about three quarters of the way in. All in all though I thought it was very cute! Then of course we came home to watch the Season Finale of True Blood, so I never got to post this last night like I wanted..

On Saturday after over 3 hours to, from, and waiting at the dealership for our 30,000 Mile service, I went and bought myself a new nail Polish. I went to Image Beauty who doesn’t have the latest collections, so I still haven’t gotten the few I wanted from China Glaze’s Safari. Instead I ended up with an “OPI DS – Mystery” It’s a beautiful deep almost black purple. The first coat you can really see the violet in it with the gold sparkle, but by the second coat it looks more black but up close you can see the plum a bit.

I had some chippage issues, I painted my nails Saturday and just by Sunday night had some chips at tips, even with wrapping. This morning I did some chip recovery so that is why if you see any uneven-ness it’s probably because of that. Now on to the swatch

So again, its a very faint purple, so of course extremely hard to capture. and the gold sparkle isn’t overly sparkly so it dulled a lot in the pictures..

Here is a picture of my thumb, you can see all the flecks in this picture they almost look like purple flecks . You can see the purple a bit more in this picture, which is why I liked it better, but at the same time its still hard to see the gold shimmer. But you get the idea… beautiful color but problems with chipping. The formula wasn’t overly thick like most full-on glitters, but it was thicker than most polish.

Well that’s it for now. Next time, Nicole says I HAVE to try the seran wrap mani :), check out hers here: and here:

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