NOTD 120 – Featured Color Friday – Evanora nails

Happy Friday! So last Sunday we went to go see ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ and I could not help but notice Rachel Weisz’ nails. She plays Evanora, The Wicked Witch of the East and might I say is the most stunning Evil Witch I have ever seen. The make up and costumes in the whole movie were just amazing. I loved Rachel Weisz’ character make up, dress, and jewelry as well as Michelle Williams’. Mila Kunis who played Theodora, as well had gorgeous make up that is until she turned into the green Wicked Witch of the West. Maybe I was being too critical but the green make up job was terrible. Although she was green, her skin was so smooth and flawless, not something I would expect from the Wicked Witch… Just my opinion.

In any event, after seeing all the gorgeous make up, costumes, and nails of course I had to do this look. I did Evanora nails with a St. Patrick’s day flare.


For the base I used two coats of “Sally Hansen – Platinum Frost” This is a slower drying color so rather than painting seche for it to dry so I could use tape, I painted this on Tuesday night so that it would be fully dry for the tape on Wednesday night. I usually do my nails for ‘FCF’ Thursday’s but I have my Ladies Aux meeting this Thursday so I did them earlier in the week… anyway. The next step was scotch tape to make the triangle, and I painted one coat of “China Glaze – Liquid Leather” Once dry, I took a very thin, fine brush and used “Sinful Colors – Call You later” as the green glitter to make it more St. Patty’s Day themed. Once all of that was dry, I finally then used my stamp with the shamrocks and used “OPI – Just Spotted a Lizard” for the stamps.




Sorry I don’t have as many pictures as normal, was hard to capture the pearliness of the white, and some of my stamps have sheet marks because I have been trying not to use Seche due to shrinking. 😦 Anyway, I still absolutely love this mani! I love the shape and the colors, it’s such a fun mani. Definitely not as fun as my, every nail different St. Patty’s Day mani last year, but still fun, I think! 🙂

So what do you think?

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NOTD 53 – Feathered Lizard

By now I am sure that everyone is sick of seeing the Spiderman swatches especially the most popular one, “Just Spotted a Lizard” BUT I this was the color that I wanted to pair most with the polka-dotted feathers that I got a while back 🙂

Here is a little tutorial on how to achieve this look:

Step 1: Base Coat

Step 2: Paint two -3 coats of color on all nails (with th exception of the nails that you want to feather) *If you paint three, paint two on the nails you want to feather, and if you paint two paint one on the nails you want to feather. (you do this so that the last coat will be wet when you do the feathering.

Step 3: Paint your top coat (SV is my choice of course) on all nails except the ones you want to feather.

Step 4: One at a time, paint a thin coat of your color on your nail and then quickly lay the feather over the nail in whichever way you would like it designed.

Step 5: Gently press the feather down with either a flat brush, or your nail. Then cut the excess off.

Step 6: Once ALL Excess is cut off paint your top coat. (you may need 2 coats of to coat)

*Depending on the feather once you trim it and lay the top coat, it may try to peel. Be patient and continue to gently hold it down. Especially if you use SV top coat it will stay down shortly.

Step 7: Apply your 2nd top coat and voila!

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