Winter Nail/cuticle care

A while back I had done a post about OPI Nail Envy and still to this day, I am absolutely in love with it. It has done wonders for my nails! As you know, my sister came to visit last week and I used it on her nails. A week later, she is hooked too and can’t wait for her nails to be strong and grow like mine. We got to talking and she then asked how I care for my cuticles and it got me thinking to do this post. We all care for our nails/cuticles differently so I wanted to share how I will be caring for mine this Winter.

For one my hands tend to get very dry and sometimes even cracked in the winter months. The lotion I use to stop that and to keep my hands soft is by Miracle of Aloe and it’s called Miracle Hand Repair. This stuff is seriously amazing. You only need a little and it might feel thick at first but once you rub it in and it soaks in it works wonders!


The next products are what I use for cuticle care.

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Picture 120

I use Sally Hansen’s gel cuticle remover and Revlon brand cuticle pusher. This cuticle gel and from what I know of others, most cuticle remover gels you need to leave on your cuticles for a few moments to soften them.

I then use the flat part of my pusher and push the cuticles back and the rounded part to clean up what I’ve pushed. Finally, but not always any other clean up I use my cuticle clippers for.

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Finally, and hand in hand with my lotion I use cuticle oil. Usually I use the cuticle oil first and then apply lotion. I have one at home, my Julep rollerball applicator and at work I have Sally Hansen brush on. I apply the cuticle oil and rub in, I then apply my lotion and voila, smooth hands and cuticles.

Well there you have it, that is how I care for my hands/cuticles. I do this stuff more frequently during the winter months but all year, still care for them the same.

How will you be caring for your nails, hands, and cuticles this season?

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OPI Nail Envy Review

Back in January, I posted that I was still having some issues with peeling and cracking of my nails, I also felt that my polish chipped way too fast. I was using Nailtek and Nailtiques which helped strengthen but didn’t keep the polish on long or I would use regular OPI or CND Sticky as a base but it didnt keep my nails good, only kept the polish on. Some of you had some awesome suggestions, thank you so much! Most of you seemed to agree that “OPI- Nail Envy” was the answer.

I picked up my very own bottle at the end of January and have been using it ever since. No peeling, cracking, chipping, I am loving it.

“Nail Envy” comes in multiple different formulas like the other brands (Nailtek, Nailtiques, etc)

Layout 1


The one I picked up was for Sensitive & Peeling nails The other formulas are above.

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have Sensitive nails, they are pretty strong, they just kept peeling. But I wanted something geared more toward my problem other than the original formula. It’s been a little over a month now, so I may head on over to the Maintenance one, we shall see.

I use the product per the instructions, my bottle says to paint two coats as a base, either leave plain or paint polish. Every day paint one coat of the top coat over your polish, and you can also use as a top coat. I have been using this instead of Seche to avoid shrinkage. It of course does not dry nearly as quickly but still fairly fast.

The only downside to the one that I chose, (and may be all of them) is that about half way through the bottle, just like Seche Vite, it gets thick and “stringy”. When I use it I drag long very thin strings along with me the best thing I can compare it to is if you have ever used a hot glue gun, you have long strings everywhere (or at least I do!) lol It also has a faint nail polish odor, most polishes now a days don’t stink as often but this one has a sort of faint smell that I am normally not used to with OPI.

As a final result, other than the fact that it gets a little thick after about half the bottle’s use, and the minor smell, I would still definitely recommend this as a base coat for any one that has peeling nails. I have not tried the others, but I am sure that they are just as great. I will let you know when/if I get the Maintenance one, how that holds up as well!