NOTD 127 – Caribbean Temptation

My mom and I went to the store yesterday but before hand, I wanted to go get a Pedicure. We went to a place that neither of us were familiar with but it was the only one open at 10A on Sunday. We go in and sit right down. The girl took about an hour and 15 minutes just on my Pedicure. Now my feet aren’t gnarly if that is what you are thinking, I usually take care of my own feet but wanted to have someone else do it for once… lol no, this girl was just verrrry slow. I had already decided well before the length of time that it took for my pedicure, that I was going to also get a manicure. I just wanted to have someone else clean my nails up for a change. Anyway, when all was said and done, we were there almost two hours…….. o..m..g.. Another reason why I always do my own.

Anyone that knows me, knows I don’t match my nails to my outfits, and I don’t usually match my toes to my nails, but this time I decided to do that. I will just end up changing my nails in a few days, so they wont match anyway… lol I usually end up keeping my toe polish on for close to two weeks before changing that.

The color I went for was “China Glaze – Caribbean Temptation” This color reminds me a lot of “OPI’s – Pompeii Purple”.




So note to self, continue to just do own nails and toes… ::sigh::

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NOTD 117 – Featured Color Friday – Whirled Away

Happy Friday! woohoo! It’s Friday, It’s Pay Day, I have a half day today, it’s a good day! 🙂

Well guys, no baby yet, so I stuck to my normally scheduled Featured Color Friday.

A while back my mom had bought “China Glaze – Whirled Away” and I forget why but she decided to give it to me rather than keep for herself, and really who am I to argue? lol

I used it for this mani and all I can say is I am glad she gave it to me, she would have been very frustrated. I am used to it with these types of ‘glitters’ , “Whirled Away” is a clear base suspended topper with black hexagon shaped pieces, long straight pieces and very few white larger hexagonal pieces. To say getting the white on each nail is a challenge is an understatement… lol; I first painted two coats of “OPI- Pompeii Purple” then when I got to the topper tried to paint it on like regular polish which did not work well. It left my nail with about one strip and one small hexagon, that is when I knew this was a mani I had to work for. I then tried to pick pieces out and place them on my nails to get the desired look I knew I just would not get trying to paint this topper on. I love the end result but needless to say it was better my mom gave this to me, I am used to it with these types and let’s face it, she just would have given it to me after her frustration anyways! 🙂


As usual, “Pompeii Purple” does not picture as it does in real life… ::sigh::


This is the color, it’s this gorgeous shimmery pink with that beautiful purple undertone.

Alright guys, well that is all I have for you today. While sitting at the dealership this afternoon I promise to catch up on my favorite blogs and comment on all of your beauties ❤

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Fah who for-aze! Dah who dor-aze! Welcome Christmas, Come this way!

Hey guys! Here we are at week three. For those of you that do not know, I know that I posted on Facebook and sent some emails out… I came in 2nd place for week one!!! woohoo I cannot believe it. I didn’t win anything, but it was still cool to know that I came in second in my first nail art challenge ever. The voting for the second week (“A Christmas Story” – theme gifts) ends the end of the day Wednesday December 5th so be sure to get your votes in!(link at bottom of page)

This weeks theme is, “Trim the tree, Holiday decorations” I chose How the Grinch stole Christmas. see below for inspiration pics and polishes used etc. Voting for week 3 ends Wednesday, Dec 12th, click here to vote please!! I came in 2nd on the first week and 4th on the second week.

I did the Whoville tree with them singing around the tree on my thumb and pointer finger, inspired by this picture:


Here is my nail art inspired by the picture, I drew the top of the tree with the star on my index finger into my thumb which was the bottom, some snow and some of the who’s around the tree holding hands


Next was Cindy Lou Who


Inspired by this picture:


Lastly, on my ring and pinky I drew this, on the very left of the picture you have the fireplace and the grinch shoving it up the tree, I drew his back at the top of the tree as he is bending over shoving it up fireplace. I drew his hat as he is bent over, his feets under the tree on pinky and one hand gripping it on the ring finger. I already had so much detail and its very hard, (not being a real artist) drawing so small on fingernails with nail polish!


Inspired by this pic:


This weeks challenge for sure took the longest! but I had so much fun doing it! I used a variety of very small brushes, and the following polishes:

“Milani – white”, “China Glaze – Adventure Red-y” , “Sally Hanson – Ruby Sequin”, “Revlon – Coastal Surf”, “OPI – Pompeii Purple”, “Julep – Oscar”, “Urban Decay – Mars”, “Spoiled by Wet N’ Wild – Designated Driver”, “Essie – Aruba Blue”, “Julep – Sophia”, “China Glaze – Liquid Leather”, “Ulta – Cream of the crop” , “Barry M- Bright Red”, “OPI – I think in Pink”, “Ulta – Sweet Nothing”, “OPI -Deutsche you want me baby”, “Julep – Kelly”, “Ulta – Celebutante”, “Color Club – pucci licious”.

Be sure to check out everyones and vote! (hopefully for me)

Don’t forget you still have until the end of the day Wednesday the 5th to vote for my “A Christmas Story nails” for Week 2. click here to vote.

NOTD 58 – Stamp and Frame!

Stamping and Framing in the same mani? Yep you  heard me right. I tried both whole nail stamping and I took a stab at the framing mani. I used two coats of “OPI – Pompeii Purple” and then did the full stamp with “China Glaze – Liquid Leather” then the framing in the same color. I thought that the pink would pop through the black a little more than it did, but you can still see the shimmer and shine of the pink through it just not as much as I would have liked. Ah well, another learning experience.. maybe I am just being too critical of myself, plus I am hating how short they are, but I don’t really love this mani; but hey first full stamping and framing, I didn’t do too bad, just need some more practice 🙂


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NOTD44 – Pompeii Purple

My Mom’s birthday was last week, Friday June 15th. We went out for dinner and drinks and had a blast. She had asked me to look at her Amazon wish list and hinted on a few things she wanted. My Grandmother, her mother is a Breast Cancer Survivor, So one of the things I got her were the Breast Cancer design Jamberry Nail Shields. The other thing she wanted was a Phillies MLB necklace, the ones like the guys wear during the games, but they wore these special ones on Mother’s Day for Breast Cancer. The third thing I threw in there, was an OPI color from her Amazon wish list, that I too immediately fell in love with…… and decided to pick up one for myself as well 😀

Here it is, in all it’s beauty: Pompeii Purple

I absolutely was mesmerized by this color and as beautiful as it looks in pictures, I still think it doesn’t do it justice. I have soo many pinks and there is just something about this color! What is it.. is it that its such a hit bright pink, or that it shimmers that purply/blue color, I do not know. I would have to say this is my favorite pink of my collection at this time! Love it!!

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