The Lacquer Ring – Dotticure

We are back with some dotticures! Although Frosso pointed out she picked this month even though I thought I did.. lol dotticures are one of my favorites to do, the color options and patterns are limitless. Oh did I also mention I am obsessed with Polka Dots, hence why I thought I picked this ūüėČ

On Monday I have an interview!! So I wanted to mess around with some neutrals as I normally don’t do too many manis like that. Although I will probably put on something even more neutral, I absolutely love the way this came out!

I used OPI’s Gwen Collection for the most part, 4 In the Morning, Push and Shove, and Love.Angel.Music.Baby along with Essie Good as Gold and the base is China Glaze Dandy Lyin’ Around





I cannot say enough how much I love how this turned out… normally the ones I love you guys don’t and visa versa, lol so tell me what you think, and what’s your favorite dotticure color combo if you have one ūüėČ

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The Lacquer Ring – Splatter

I’m baaaack! Back with my prompt for The Lacquer Ring nail art for the month of January. I picked as you can tell from the title, Splatter. The girls were ready to curse me out, but I just had to! I love the way that splatter looks and versatility of the look. I decided to go a little differently this time, I wanted different textures or finishes, check out what I came up with, I love it!

For Christmas my husband kept saying he really wanted to get me a nail polish but with my stash how in the world could he possibly know what to get. I sent him my wishlist tab that I have on the blog LOL but he didn’t want to be bothered.. said it wasn’t special enough. I told him well most of what I have on my list that are ‘special’ it’s just because I cannot find them, and spouted out a few. Well Guess What he found me!!!!…. OPI’s Here Today Aragon Tomorrow SUEDE VERSION! I couldn’t believe it, super awesome, have not been able to find this in forever!!!

I did two coats of HTAT Suede and splattered Essie’s Penny talk for my different finish of metallic, and then chose a holo to splatter using Dollish Polish’s Walker Bait.IMG_7317The holo is sort of hard to see, I would have rathered a more vibrant holo but I’m in love with how it came out, what do you think??






Do you hate the work that goes in to splatters too? I’ll let you in on a little secret if you don’t already do this… I use OPI’s glitter off on my cuticles and the tips of my fingers where I know I am going to make a mess. You can use glue, or anything else that you would normally use say when you marble, makes clean up A LOT easier ūüėČ

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Pink of Hearts

OPI is back at it with their 8th Annual limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness duo in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

This years set includes a pink entitled Mod About You and this gorgeous pink cream jelly with various pink and white glitters suspended in it entitled The Power of Pink. The pink jelly can be worn on it’s own (takes about 2-3 coats to be opaque) or over-top Mod About You. The set comes with a pink glitter nail file with a breast cancer charm. This year OPI will donate $25,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation (US) and $5000 to Rethink Breast Cancer (Canada) in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


The Set retails for $16.95 but you are in luck! I have a set to giveaway!

First check out my swatches of these beauties. I did two coats of Mod About you on my ring finger for accent and I stamped Orly’s Miss Conduct using my ribbon stamp. I did two coats of The Power of pink on the rest of my nails.


This giveaway is  a Rafflecopter giveaway **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**

Open to Mae’s Beauty followers only.

Must be 18 years or older. Open Internationally.

Giveaway starts now and Ends Friday November 24th at 12Noon EST prize will be mailed out Saturday 25th.


Stamping Saturdays – Dandelion

Today is Armed Forces Day and my local supermarket honored our local Veterans and my husband was one of them! They had a list of the Veterans and they picked 5 and he was chosen. It was such a nice day, they had a little ceremony, they gave all of the Veterans flowers, a fruit basket, a bank gift card, a letter from the Governor, and a Certificate.  They had a little lunch buffet and presented everyone with their certificates of appreciation. I was so happy that Don got picked and that we were all able to be a part of it.


Unfortunately, my pinky nail is still hella short but at least its not bloody anymore ūüė¶ My backyard is covered in dandelions! Ava runs through the field with her mouth open and just attacks them, she absolutely loves it! In honor of this gorgeous day I did two coats of OPI’s No Room for the blues, and I stamped Ulta’s Snow White and Red Angels RA-318. The stamp is more of a flower with leaves on the stem so I just used the top part of it and didn’t use the leaves. I then painted the stem using China Glaze’s Liquid Leather as the stem because I didn’t like the way green looked over the blue.



Since I still hate the length,  you only get one picture! lol

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The Lacquer Ring – Orange

Today is the day! Our first group post in our newest project. This month Nicole from Polish Me, Please is in charge of picking our challenge and first up are Orange manis. We have all done different orange manis for you today.

For me, I think I finally got this whole gradient thing down.. either that or I just got lucky. I did two coats of Jessica’s Tangerine Dreamz (which before I continue I need to say that I really think this Jessica Gelato Mio collection might be my favorite collection of maybe all time.. ) The orange gradients in to Avon’s Cosmic Saturn. I then stamped using OPI’s 4 in the Morning and MoYou’s stamp Back to the 80’s – 04


Without further adieu here is my orange mani



So what do you think?

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FLASH SALE – ends 3/7/14 Midnight EST


I’m in a good mood today and have decided to do a flash sale. This sale will be from now until Friday 3/7/14 evening at 12PM midnight EST. When you email your order, please put FLASHMARCH in the subject and you will receive 10% off your order before shipping. Click here to enter the shop, Happy shopping!

Stamping Saturdays – Holiday Inn

So I procrastinated today a bit… First I worked until noon then I got my sister some amazing deals on some polishes and shipped them to her… then I came home and have been watching Dexter on Netflix all night and forgot to do this post. ūüėģ I promise to have better pictures, more pictures and a longer post next Saturday! (more in between too of course) ūüôā

I got Ulta¬†–¬†Holiday Inn last week and painted two coats of this, it’s a gorgeous green with beautiful shimmer to it. I then stamped this design on all but my accent nail using the OPI – Love.Music.Angel.Baby.

All of my pictures did NOT come out well this green was so hard to capture and no matter what I did and the glare since this and the stamping polish are so shiny was just insane… so sorry guys only one pic this week ūüė¶


So we are having some troubles getting the link down or at least I am ūüė¶¬† Be sure to check out the other girls Stamping Saturdays nails

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Stamping Saturdays – 4 In the Morning

ANOTHER Satin / Matte finish what is up with me? ! I normally don’t like it if it doesn’t shine or sparkle in some way. I am in love with 4 in the Morning part of Gwen’s new collection with OPI.

I took Morgan Taylor РFame Game and stamped this design on a couple of my nails. I also used top coat so you could see the black shiny and in its original format of matte. Just like. Love.Angel.Music.Baby, 4 In the Morning does not need a top coat and dries Matte or Satin.

Picture 206

Please ignore my little nub, I broke my pinky nail really short about a week ago ūüė¶ so I cut them all back to somewhat match.

Picture 208

Picture 209

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NOTD 126 – Featured Color Friday ‘Your Web or Mine’

Finally Friday and the weather is finally looking up! Today is going to be 60, and all next week 60’s and even a couple that hit 70! Wooohooo! I just cant wait to get out and plant my flowers and veggies ūüôā

On to the nails, today I am featuring “OPI’s – Your Web or Mine” This was a mini that I got in the Spiderman¬†mini set a while back. I had never tried it until now. It’s a very pretty pink with a little hint of metallic I think. Unfortunately that glimmer makes you see every brush stroke, which I personally HATE. So when all else fails, add some glitter, and of course I go to my favorite topper, “Lush Lacquer’s – Salt N’ Pepa”


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OPI Nail Envy Review

Back in January, I posted that I was still having¬†some issues with peeling and cracking of my nails, I also felt that my polish chipped way too fast. I was using Nailtek¬†and Nailtiques¬†which helped strengthen but didn’t¬†keep the polish on long or I would use regular OPI or CND¬†Sticky as a base but it didnt¬†keep my nails good, only kept the polish on. Some of you had some awesome suggestions, thank you so much! Most of you seemed to agree that “OPI- Nail Envy” was the answer.

I picked up my very own bottle at the end of January and have been using it ever since. No peeling, cracking, chipping, I am loving it.

“Nail Envy” comes in multiple different formulas like the other brands (Nailtek, Nailtiques, etc)

Layout 1


The one I picked up was for Sensitive & Peeling nails The other formulas are above.

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have Sensitive nails, they are pretty strong, they¬†just kept peeling. But I wanted something geared more toward my problem other than the original formula. It’s been a little over a month now, so I may head on over to the Maintenance one, we shall see.

I use the product per the instructions, my bottle says to paint two coats as a base, either leave plain or paint polish. Every day paint one coat of the top coat over your polish, and you can also use as a top coat. I have been using this instead of Seche to avoid shrinkage. It of course does not dry nearly as quickly but still fairly fast.

The only downside to the one that I chose, (and may be all of them) is that about half way through the bottle, just like Seche¬†Vite, it gets thick and “stringy”. When I use it I drag long very thin strings along with me the best thing I can compare it to is if you have ever used a hot glue gun, you have long strings everywhere (or at least I do!) lol It also has a faint nail polish odor, most polishes now a days don’t stink as often but this one has a sort of faint smell that I am normally not used to with OPI.

As a final result, other than the fact that it gets a little thick after about half the bottle’s use, and the minor smell, I would still definitely recommend this as a base coat for any one that has peeling nails. I have not tried the others, but I am sure that they are just as great. I will let you know when/if I get the Maintenance one, how that holds up as well!

*Picture Heavy* My Polish Addiction (Updated)

This is an update¬†to my Polish Addiction Post, the original can be¬†found here.¬†My dad made this shelf for me, and it’s been a work in progress ever since. I wanted to paint it, so my husband and I did three coats of a nice Cherry finish and two gloss top coats. I went to put it back and it kept tipping because it’s sitting on carpet, and it’s sooo heavy. I did not want to have another issue like I did here¬†because that was just not cool. ūüė¶¬†I have been procrastinating in getting brackets to secure the shelf to the wall and, FINALLY this weekend we put it up for real ūüėÄ I also finished all my swatches¬† that I have been working on for a while now, so I had a very productive Saturday. Here is the final product. ūüôā ‚̧

And here are some pictures up close of my Collection, I will be updating my collection page here soon with a full list of my Collection.

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My First Guest Blogger Post

This post comes to you today from precious formals . They had done a great post about the OPI’s Try it on App they have available on their website along with some great polishes to tie into some of their formal dresses. See below post for information about the blog, the company, website, and dresses.

Have you ever seen a polish color that looked so amazing in the bottle, you absolutely had to buy it? Then, once you got home and tried it on you found it totally clashed with your skin tone, or looked cheap on your perfectly sculpted but extra-long nails? What a waste of $10.

Well, O¬∑P¬∑I now has a solution for you! Their super-chic site, viewable in several languages, now offers a chance to virtually ‚Äútry on‚ÄĚ nail polish colors. Select your skin tone and nail length from a wide range of choices, and see how each color would look on you. There‚Äôs even an option to add a layer of shatter ‚Äď their version of crackle ‚Äď over your favorite color!

You can check out this awesome app here.

This app, combined with their great application and mani/pedi tips, makes O¬∑P¬∑I‚Äôs site a must-see for any girl preparing for a formal event or a night out. We especially love their new ‚ÄúTexas Collection‚ÄĚ (our headquarters are in Houston). Scroll down to see a few of our favorite color-dress combos.

Precious Formals is a Company founded by Ruby Ashraf in 1990. Over the years they have consistently continued to introduce fresh new trends to the formalwear industry in the USA. PF styles has made an impact on prom, pageant, and evening-wear markets by combining traditional designs with imaginative and creative appeal. They have grown to become the current leading prom, bridal, and formalwear distributor in the United States, with clients in several other countries as well.

For over two decades, Precious Formals has striven to become a leader in the formalwear industry in the USA. PF has been a proud recipient of the Southwestern Bridal and Formalwear Manufacturer of the Year award for many consecutive years. They have also received the Dallas Fashion award and the Atlanta DIVA award. Contestants in popular pageants, including the Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA competitions, have adorned PF designs.

For more information on the current collections, go to their website here. If you have any questions, please contact them through their Facebook page or by email (

To Find a Retailer, click here and to see all the mags that they have been featured in, see here. You should check them out!

Day 13 Animal Print – 31Challenge

“What do tigers dream of when they take their little tiger snooze? Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle¬†Berry in her Catwoman suit?” – Stu – “The Hangover”

The next day of the Nail Challenge¬†was to do animal print. I¬†felt inspired to do something different on this one, something other than the moist common¬†zebra or leopard prints. I did some searching and thought that Tiger print would¬†look pretty¬†cool, plus I had just the right¬†paint for it. I had recently received¬†neon¬†orange in my latest Birchbox that I just had to¬†use for¬†today’s look.

My Polishes are”Color Club in Lava Lamp”, “Sinful Colors in Black”. I also used “OPI –¬†Base and Top Coat” a toothpick for the stripes,¬†and scotch tape to line up the tips.

Here is a shot at my left hand

And the Right:

And the final look all together: ūüôā

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Day 11 Polka Dots – 31Challenge

I would like to start off with a¬†brief review of the Cuticle Oil that I got in my most recent Julep box, since I used it when I did my manicure last night. It smelled very nice, wasn’t too greasy, and after¬†I rubbed it on my cuticles & nails¬†it seemed to soak in after about a minute or two. The next morning my fingers didn’t seem as dry and cracked as they normally are during the winter months. Overall I found the product very helpful so far. ūüôā

For the Polka Dot Challenge Day¬†, I went with a more Spring / Easter ( I know it’s early still but don’t worry I’ll change it again soon. For the Stripes day of the challenge I want to go back¬†and¬†do another St. Patrick’s look ūüôā ). Here is a close up of one hand.

And the final look.

To start the look I varied my base colors, I used¬†“OPI-Too¬†Pink to Hold em'”¬†for the pink fingers and a clear on all of the mainly polka-dotted¬†fingers. For the Dots I used “OPI’s – Planks A lot – Pirates of the Caribbean¬†collection”, ¬†“Revlon ColorStay¬†– Bonsai”,¬† “OPI -Dating¬†a Royal”, “Ulta¬†– Celebutante”, my Pink listed above, and my Dotter Tools.¬†For the full polka-dotted¬†fingers I¬†started out with scattered dots of the blue, then once dry, the Pink,¬†and so on for the remainder of the colors. For the pink based/polka tipped¬†fingers I used the “Celebutante” as bigger dots¬†on the tip¬†of my¬†nails, then once dry I dotted a thin layer¬†of the¬†blue, the other purple, and then green.

What do you think of this Polka Dotted look? Have you bought and tried any dotting tools, if so what did you think?

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Day 10 Gradient – 31Challenge

Let me start by saying that this is my first Gradient look, let me then continue by saying how difficult I felt this was for me, so I hope I did alright hope you like it!

I originally tried with a dark blue and a light sparkle and was unsuccessful… ugh.. ¬†I felt it just wasn’t gradient enough. I then looked up tips to complete this look and someone suggested a make up sponge… ugh x2..¬†that also did not work for me. I’m not sure if it was the polish combinations I was choosing, the make up sponge, or just that it was the first time I was trying this look… but it was exhausting.

Finally, what I ended up choosing was a lighter color and a sparkle.¬†After the sponge attempt I decided to do some research and came across a tutorial Click here¬†¬†where the girl used a light color and chose a pink sparkle. She painted 25% of her nail, then 50%, then 75% so that each time the look would be darker as you went down due to the varying coats of polish on the finger. That worked! Here’s how it came out:

 This was my final attempt as soon as I was done, I supposed I was pleased enough. Now I am determined to master it, so keep checking back after this challenge as I will attempting it again!

The polishes I ended up using were”Julep – Kelly” for the base, then “OPI- Katy Perry’s Collection – Last Friday Night” as my Gradient effect.

Here is another look at the next day and finished product.

I Hope you enjoyed my day # 10 of the¬†31 Nail Challenge¬†, and I’m interested to hear what your thoughts are on the Gradient look?

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Day 8 Metallic – 31Challenge

So this was Day 8 of the¬†Nail Challenge¬†– Metallic and I used my OPI Base and Top Coat and for Polish my new “china Glaze – Jitterbug”

This was one coat

This was two

Another view of two coats and the finished product!

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Beauty Haul – Image Beauty

*Caution Picture Heavy

So my friends Monique, Gina, and Leah have been telling me about a store called Image¬†Beauty that I finally checked out tonight! I spent an hour here and got a few new beauty products at cheaper prices than anywhere else I was so ecstatic!! The Essie was cheaper, the OPI was almost 3 dollars cheaper, everything was but the Too Faced Lip Gloss! ‚̧

In this Haul I got the “Orly Matte Top Coat”

“OPI – Vamperstdam”

“China Glaze – Agro”

“China Glaze – Jitterbug”

“OPI – I Don’t give a Rotterdam”

“Prestige Eye Liners in Poly E-65 and Intense Olive”

“Image Beauty Eye Shadows in Mojito¬†and Voodoo” and “bareMinerals in Magnetize”

and lastly “Too Faced Lip Gloss in Sex Pot”

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Day 7 black & white – 31Challenge

So this is my attempt at Black and White nails for the Challenge¬†… When I think of black and white I think Tuxedo, but that’s been done, as have been dice but I wanted to try the dice look.

I used my Sinful Colors in Blackest Black, Milani- White and My OPI Base and Top Coat for this look

My husband got involved and assisted in suggesting for me to do the tips at an angle to look like if I turned my hands to the side it was the angle of the dice something fun, let me know what you think

So first is the messy picture as soon as I was done. I was also highly upset as no matter how long I took to let the dots dry when I put the top coat on, it bled a little. But oh well I won’t have these on that long.

Here is another angle again, messy

Next day all clean ūüôā

And a little closer, you can see the bleeding here..

Well that was my day 7 black and white nails, I hoped you enjoyed them let me know what you think!

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Day 2/3 Orange & Yellow – 31Challenge

Day 2 and three will be click as¬† I only have ONE orange and ONE yellow and I already used them for the nail art in day one. I also do not like the yellow or¬†orange choices that I have..¬†ūüė¶ Shown above is “Spoiled by Wet n wild – Don’t be cheesy”

one coat

two coats

Finished product

This polish as I have said in my day 1 post is a little watery .. but hard to not get a lot of polish on the brush it’s weird… but I guess that is what you get for $1.99 sometimes.. lol

Okay and as promised, here is day 3¬†, yellow – Shown above from left to right is “Avon – Splendid Blue” , “Spoiled by wet n wild – Designated Driver” , “OPI’s – Grape, Set, Match” , and “Ulta’s – Envy”

I did a little play on a Mardi¬†Gras nail design but not too detailed since it wasn’t staying on long at all, since again I hate this¬†yellow on¬†my nails and skin tone.

I put a couple of drops of nail polish on a plate of the purple, the blue, and the green. I then took a toothpick to make cascading dots on my ring finger to represent the beads. my pinky has a purple stripe in the middle and then on either side of it is the blue and the green. The middle finger has a blue tip and the pointer finger purple. Unfortunately this picture did not capture the colors as much as I would have wanted it to. Plus unfortunately the shades were very close to each other.

Hope you liked my quick Day 2/3 ūüôā stay tuned for green tomorrow! ūüôā

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My Polish Addiction

*Caution, picture heavy

Hello my name is Amanda, and I am addicted to Nail Polish.¬†My dad made me this shelf and carved out a nail polish bottle at the top for me to house my addiction ūüôā

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